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  1. Yup. I thought you knew about it so I never mentioned it. Spent many a hour on the fourth floor archive. When Mona visited WI, I was going to take her there, but they had changed the hours and were closed on the Monday when we got there. Fortunately, I'd made my acquaintance with the powers that be and got Mona a private tour in the closed museum. The display in the picture is of the cornfield at Antietam.
  2. Ozzy, it is 6:30 AM. The temp is 43 deg. The humidity is 66% already!
  3. Ozzy, " (clear air, less than 30% humidity.)" This part of the world NEVER has less than 30% humidity!
  4. Stan, another reason the Rebs probably didn't collect weapons on the night of the 6th was that they believed they had pretty much won the battle and only needed to clean up in the morning. If they thought they controlled the battlefield, they might have felt they had plenty of time to pick up any arms laying around.
  5. WI16thJim

    Full Hospitals

    " But, there are too many cases of "sick men on death's door" recovering fully when removed to their pre-war homes (i.e., loving care) to ignore. " After the Battle of Shiloh, my Grandfather came down with the Tenn. Trots (It's what he called it in his pension papers!), which was dysentery. That got him put in the Division hospital, where he came down with malaria (I showed all the paperwork to my Doc and he said he probably had the malaria first, which made him susceptible to dysentery). They put him on a boat to St. Louis, where he came down with typhoid fever. In the St. Louis hospital, they figured he was a dead man and stuck him in the corner. WI was taking their terminal men home to treat and he headed back to mom. She healed him up and he was back in time for the Battle of Corinth in Oct. They were a wee bit tougher back then! Jim
  6. Looks like it's getting to be time to make a new forum for the 2018th Shiloh anniversary: https://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?event=68D4345B-1DD8-B71B-0B7DBC4E3BBBCE2F https://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?event=29900A60-1DD8-B71B-0B9E9B082F76C745 Obviously, more details to follow. Jim
  7. Welcome Derrick. And thanks for passing on history to the young. A very noble profession indeed! Jim
  8. I once mentioned to Ranger Stacy Allen that the Battle of Shiloh was so confusing because it seemed to be four different battles all at once. He agreed, except he felt it was more like fourteen battles all at once.
  9. Interesting. The 16th WI was in a little battle called Pinhook, LA during the Vicksburg campaign. I wasn't aware there were two civil war battles of that name. Jim
  10. Welcome Dean and I hope you will enjoy researching the regiment that won the battle of Shiloh and the civil War, the 16th WVI! Jim
  11. "There were no proper pickets set out, at correct distance" Actually, the pickets in front of Peabody had been doubled. The 16th WI had 4 companies on picket duty.
  12. Thanks for the links Tim. I believe I've found my favorite way to take in these hikes. Google maps, a Trailhead map and Tony's excellent videos. Life is good!
  13. Weather forecast update: Channel 7 Jackson and AccuWeather seem to be coming together. Channel 7: Fri 49/31 sunny, Sat 60/45 sunny, Sun 58/39 20% chance of rain. AccuWeather: Fri 54/30 sunny, Sat 63/43 partly cloudy, Sun 60/42 increasing clouds.
  14. Extended weather forecast (for those who believe in fairy tales) for the Epic Hike weekend: Jackson TV: Friday 52 deg day/ 38 deg night partly sunny (during the day). Sat. 58/44 partly sunny. Sunday 60/46 with 20% chance of afternoon showers. AccuWeather: Fri 59/39 sunny Sat. 67/53 increasing clouds with 12% chance of rain Sun. 73/42 with 30% chance of showers.
  15. According to Sword's Shiloh: Bloody April, page 41, he was there for road-corduroying and bridge-rebuilding.
  16. I saw the post and enjoyed it. The encounter with the Wicker's was a short hello. I encouraged them to join the site. Here's hoping. I've got a spare room if you want to come down for a visit. I've still got 16 years till 80, so I guess I'm sorta in my old geezer internship.
  17. WI16thJim


    File this under "No good deed goes unpunished" is BS. I was asked if I would take some pictures for Bjorn for something he is working on. The sites were all easy ones to reach, either by vehicle or telephoto lens, except the far side of Wicker Field due the a raise in the middle and 5 foot tall hay (we call this stuff weeds in WI). I went back yesterday and the farmer still hadn't tended to it. It was a beautiful day and the various ornery body parts that tend to plaque me felt decent, so I decided to try walking around the southern perimeter where a path had been mowed. As I was pulling up there a gentleman and his son (about 10 years old) were taking pictures at the Wicker Field sign. He then pulled up behind me as I was getting out and we talked for a few minutes. Turns out his name is Wicker and he is the Great great ... (?) grandson of farmer Wicker. They now live in Arkansas. He thought it was kinda cool my Grandfather had fought in that field. I encouraged him to join the SDG.com site as we all seem interested in the locals and some that are superinterested (I'm looking at you Ron). Bonus day at the park. If I hadn't been going out there for Bjorn, I would never have meet them.
  18. Have you ever noticed that, out of 52 Saturdays in a year, 2 similar events will be scheduled for the same day? https://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?event=4E7D3E7E-1DD8-B71B-0B12326AE6EBBB63
  19. Mike, hold on to that hope. Everyone knows the weatherman is always wrong. This is what the back yard has started looking like.
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