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  1. Perry, " trying to raise money for another monument " For the 16th WI Regiment?
  2. It does run a close second to Spotted Cow.
  3. Don't feel bad. Most people here don't even know about a good local (Memphis) made beer. At least in WI everyone would have an opinion of it, good or bad.
  4. Paul, your friend and you did Shiloh a great service and are to be commended. Huzzah!
  5. I will have Ghost River on tap. If that doesn't suit you, you're welcome to bring your own. I just ask that you take what's left over with you. My frig has filled more than once with odd ball types of beer that I don't care for.
  6. Jeani Cantrell is joining the R&R food committee and would like to get some idea of how many wish to join us.
  7. Thanks Oz. The picture of the cemetery is appropriate as he donated the land to the town for it. Jim
  8. The surrender sounds like a camp rumor that was just so darn good that it had to be repeated. Jim
  9. And why would they leave out the WI monument?!?!
  10. The picnic area closes at dark. I was thinking of my backyard. I am open to suggestions, tho.
  11. WI16thJim

    R & R

    It seems Stan gave Mona a bunch of money to be used for the 155th. Mona and I have been trying to figure out some free time (The Park has the weekend pack!) to have a get together grill out. We finally decided the only time to do it would be Friday night after Bjorn's last talk ends at 6:30 (I'm not trying to rush you Bjorn.) I was figuring some , burgers, brats and hot dogs. I'm open to suggestions. If you wish to attend, let Mona or me know what you wish to grill and drink and I'll stock up. Who knows, maybe a campfire and a couple of Ghost Rivers will show up. Jim
  12. Seeing as how just the idea of bending over to place or light illuminations sends shivers up my spine that gives me a back ache, Mona decided to volunteer me as quartermaster to the volunteers and Park staff. It seems Stan gave her a bunch of money that is to be used for the 155th. I have a plug in cooler for the truck and am going to get some supplies. I was figuring water, soda, some lunchables, sandwich fixings and chips. Anybody who has any reasonable suggestion, I'm open to them. Could be a long day. Jim
  13. Anyone who is thinking of volunteering putting out, lighting and/or watching over illuminations on Saturday April8th, here is the latest info I have: map.pdf Vol. 1.pdf Vol. 2.pdf Vol. 3.pdf Vol. 4.pdf Vol. 5.pdf Vol. 6.pdf
  14. Yes, these lists tend to be tentative at first and are subject to change/additions. Jim
  15. Look at what I just found! https://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?event=68E5D26C-1DD8-B71B-0B3E4FB4AAB106BE Jim
  16. WI16thJim


    Ron, please donate the prize to the local homeless shelter. I don't do McDonalds. Jim
  17. WI16thJim


    Depends on what you consider the Shiloh plateau. According to the Trailshead map, the highest point in the Park is the spot where the Park boundary touches Bark Road at 590 ft. North of Shiloh Church is 480 ft, Sarah Bell cotton field is 490 ft. 500 ft. at Gladden's mortuary monument. Jim
  18. Ozzy, this is the first time I've heard that the state flag was based on regimental flags. This site seems to confirm that: http://www.netstate.com/states/symb/flags/wi_flag.htm The Wisconsin State Flag [ LARGE PRINT [ LARGER PRINT ] [ COLOR ME ] In 1863 Wisconsin had not yet adopted an official State flag and the Civil War regiments in the field were requesting an official banner to fly. The legislature formed a five-member joint select committee to respond to these requests and, as a result 1863 Joint Resolution No. 4 was adopted. This resolution essentially adopted a design that was already in use by the Wisconsin regimental troops. In 1913, this resolution finally made it into the official state statutes of the state of Wisconsin. Chapter 111, Laws of 1913 specifying a dark blue flag with the state coat of arms centered on each side, evolved into Chapter 1, section 1.08 of the Wisconsin statutes. As with other states who chose to display the state coat of arms or seal on the official state flag, Wisconsin found that their flag was difficult to distinguish from others. After years of effort to distinguish the Wisconsin flag in some more noticable way, the enactment of Chapter 286, Laws of 1979 responded with the addition of the word "WISCONSIN" in white letters above the state coat of arms and the date that Wisconsin was admitted to the union, "1848" in white letters below the state coat of arms. Jim
  19. This is the regimental flag the 16th WVI carried in the first 1/2 of the war, including Shiloh: This is the National flag the 16th carried in the second 1/2 of the war. The 1st National flag and the 2nd regimental flag are missing: Both were carried into battle. Jim
  20. The Park's web site has this concert on it's schedule: https://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?event=2A2F13D8-1DD8-B71B-0B9A2D45329EBA2D
  21. The NPS Shiloh web site has posted some info on the 2017 anniversary. Not much on the walks, just a picture of Bjorn: https://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?event=89903371-1DD8-B71B-0BD1DEEFBB62EF86 The Illumination is scheduled: https://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?event=8A05964F-1DD8-B71B-0BB1FCCA8CB1D226 Jim
  22. " Clay is notorious for turning into a sloppy, slimy goo after heavy rain; but just as notorious for soaking up standing water, and becoming reasonably dry and firm only a few hours after the rain stops" Actually, clay tends to be resistant to letting water soak in and the clay in the Shiloh area is very good at creating long lasting puddles. https://www.provenwinners.com/learn/dirt-dirt-clay " First things first, how do you know you have clay soil? Clay is often reddish in color, water usually is absorbed into clay more slowly, it has a tendency to dry slowly, to clump together (and not want to break apart), and to stick like mad to shoes and gardening implements. It will also tend to crust over and crack when it gets dry. Does this sound like the soil in your garden? Then you probably have clay soil. If you aren’t completely certain take a sample of your soil to your local garden center or Cooperative Extension office, they should be able to help you determine, for sure, if your soil is clay." Jim
  23. Uncle Billy's bowties! I've often wondered how many of those my Grandfather helped make.
  24. The problem with time and the battle was that standardized time wasn't in place yet, so many soldiers operated on a different time frame. That is one reason it can get confusing reading first hand accounts which states times. Jim
  25. Col. Allen states in his report of the battle falling back to his third battle position: "I made my next stand directly in front of our camp. While holding this position I was re-inforced by party of Company A, who were out on picket." This would tend to show that the companies had not returned from picket duty before then. I do not believe the four companies would have left their posts without being relieved, so they would have been out in front from the beginning.
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