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    Army? Navy? Marines? You should have tried the best! The USAF! I won't hold it against you though. Welcome to the SDG. Jim
  2. I believe the South Carolina Nullification of 1832 showed that the Federal Government would not allow seccession. Jim
  3. " U.S. Grant (August 1867-December 1867) Appointed to the position by President Johnson in an effort to force Stanton out. Never confirmed by Congress [Veteran of Fort Donelson and Shiloh, of course.]" This is a bit of new info for me. Thanks. Jim
  4. Makes one wonder if he didn't end up in one of the trenches.
  5. The WI Historical Society has some of his prints: http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Content.aspx?dsNav=Ntk:P_CreatorName|Simplot|3|,N:1136 Jim
  6. I wonder if he was related to the founder of J.R. Simplot Company of Idaho. Jim
  7. Just fine, as far as I ever heard. I've reports of the storm damage and never heard of anything done to it. I think most of the damage was near the Visitor Center area. Jim
  8. On this date 110 years ago the Wisconsin Monument was dedicated at Shiloh NMP. It established the style for future Shiloh state monuments. Jim
  9. Dang good thing ya posted this Bruce. The NPS 's Shiloh web site's schedule section has been down for the last two days! Jim
  10. When they started the new signs, I decided to wait until they were all done and get pictures all at once (Yeah, right, I'm such a great photographer, I had to go back for two reshoots!). I was waiting to find out what this was going to be: When I was there last week, there was a big, green, ugly metal box there and I thought it was an electrical junction box. Wrong! So then when I was at Tour Stop#7 with Jeani Cantrell I noticed this down in Fraley Field: And then when I was in the National Cemetery I found this: They've hid em all over the Park, I guess. Jim
  11. WI16thJim


    I've never seen it in that form. The last page of the 16th seems to be missing, the losses if Co. I & K. http://content.wisconsinhistory.org/cdm/ref/collection/quiner/id/49823 Jim
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    Oz, I had a feeling you would like this. Jim
  13. WI16thJim


    This isn't really Shiloh related, but the author Chuck Veit was at the Park today and suggested these websites. On the 1st one, go down and click on the flag. http://www.usnlp.org/ http://www.navyandmarine.org/ Jim
  14. Ozzy, sorry, I wasn't ignoring your post, just missed it somehow. There seems to be a rethinking of the battle that includes what areas are called. There is some question as to whether the Bloody Pond should be called that at all and I've even heard some question if it even existed at the time of the battle. I tend to not notice a lot of things that don't include the 16th WI, so my opinion is limited. Jim
  15. Belle, you do realize that all of the info signs are new, right? Jim
  16. It has been a few years since I've done the driving tour, so I figured It was time. First stop, of course, is the Visitor Center to pick up a tour map Tour Stop #1 Grant's Last Line Tour Stop #2 Confederate Monument Tour Stop #3 Duncan Field Tour stop #4 Ruggles' Battery Tour Stop #5 Shiloh Church Tour Stop #6 Rhea Field Tour Stop #7 Fraley Field Tour Stop #8 Confederates Gain Ground Tour Stop #9 Invasion of the Union Camps Tour Stop # ? 16th WI Vol Inf Tour Stop #10 Hornets' Nest Tour Stop # ? Wisconsin Monument Tour Stop #11 Shiloh's Casualties Tour Stop #12 Jones Field This one is between Tour Stop #12 and #13 Tour Stop #13 Water Oaks Pond Tour Stop #14 Field Hospital Tour Stop #15 Death of General Johnston Tour Stop #16 The Peach Orchard Tour Stop #17 Bloody Pond Tour Stop #18 Dill Branch Ravin Tour Stop #19 Grant's Left Flank Tour Stop #20 Pittsburg Landing And the National Cemetery:
  17. Some locals and the Park are reactivating this group. Friends of Shiloh App pg 1.pdf Friends of Shiloh App pg 2.pdf Jim
  18. Shiloh's other Particpants.pdf Jim
  19. Downloaded just fine to my old laptop. Jim
  20. Y'all do know this subject stinks to high heaven! Jim
  21. WI16thJim

    U. S. Grant

    Do kids pick up smoking because their parents did? A question I've often contemplated. Both of my parents smoked. Out of eight kids, four of us smoked and four did not. Who to blame for the smokers? Unknown! Jim
  22. Stacy Allen suggested I might find Ed Bearss' 1973 Base Map Report online. I did, with a few extras! http://www.nps.gov/parkhistory/parkhistories.htm Jim
  23. There will be no eaglets in 2016. According to scuttlebutt, due to Julia's advancing age, Hiram has cast his gaze upon a young female who has moved into the area, creating a Peyton Place - Shiloh style situation. Jim
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