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  1. HMMMM. As some of you know, I'm not very artistic, so I hesitate to criticize, but the new Mississippi Monument seems to be lacking something!?!? Jim
  2. Hold the bib. Please add a little lemon to the melted butter.
  3. Grandpa! I'm glad you are finally coming around to understanding the most important unit in the Union Army. Mona, I'm partial to lobster, but also greatly enjoy Alaskan king crab. Jim
  4. The reason many of the Yanks had no overcoats was that they threw them away on the march from Ft. Henry due to the warm weather. These raw recruits were still trying to figure this whole game out! Jim
  5. WI16thJim


    Belle, when it is raining, there is no lack of samples. The mud is a butternut brown. Jim
  6. The Rebels most often named battles after a town or structure, while the Yanks often named them after waterways and such (Manassas vs Bull Run). Thus, when referring to the place, locals probably called it Pittsburg Landing and when referring to the battle, Shiloh. Jim
  7. "Usually, the ones who are always saying they are normal are the ones furthest from it. lol" People get that idea because normal is boring, so something has to be done to enliven things. Jim
  8. Welcome to the site Drusus. Jim
  9. Here are the plans for the dedication on the 10th: http://www.nps.gov/shil/upload/MS-Monument-Dedication-Site-Plan.pdf I never thought I'd get to see a state monument dedicated at Shiloh! Jim
  10. Welcome SJ. It helps to be at least a little crazy to hang out on this site with these zanies. I do believe I'm the only normal one. As far as a place for questions, the Campfire forum is a good bet. Jim
  11. Nah, if your name was Prentiss, I'd probably want to use a .69 cal. Belgian musket.
  12. "If Jim's talk runs a little long, we might as well just camp out to be ready for the 5:30am party." Get a camp fire going, I'll bring a cooler of beer, and we can talk about it Wisconsin style. "1:30 p.m. - Presentation on the 16th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, by SDG member Jim Oats (Approximately 90 minutes). Location will be in front of the 16th Wisconsin's campsite marker along Peabody Road, near the junction with the Eastern Corinth Road." Anyone having trouble finding Eastern Corinth Rd on modern maps, it's now called Gladden Rd. While we're on the subject, I have a bone to pick with the name of that road. The 16th WI was there for a couple of weeks before the battle and certainly lost men there, yet Gladden shows up for a few minutes and gets the road as a memorial? Perry, I still spell my name Oates. Jim
  13. Go to the Shiloh NMP's website entry on Young Guns of Shiloh Tour in the schedule of events: http://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?eventID=679782-245777 and tell me who that young lady in the picture looks like. I went there to see if they had posted the schedule for the 153rd anniversary program for the Battle of Corinth (Chief?), but found nothing. Jim
  14. A redigitized version of The Civil War begins on PBS this evening, running for five nights. I've set my DVR! Jim
  15. If it's good for Shiloh NMP, I'm for it

  16. I can guaranty that any talk I give will be extremely walk limited! Jim
  17. As far as adding Corinth sites to Shiloh NMP, it makes sense. Shiloh was really just the first engagement in the contest for the railroad crossing at Corinth. And while we're on the subject, what about adding Oliver's Hill? Jim
  18. I'm recording it on the DVR Doc. You can pull out a Sprecher Cherry Cola this winter and watch it if you wish. Jim
  19. The local PBS has a 90 minute 25th anniversary of the series The Civil War on tonight. Although he did tend to gloss over the most important part of the war, the Western Theater, I did enjoy the series. Jim
  20. Nothing wrong with watching from the side. Aids in longevity! Been in a nice cool spell, Chief, but the temp is going up this weekend and I may have to turn on the AC again. I've already had to turn it on 2 different days already! Jim
  21. Chief, "(which my ancestor in the 54th Ohio had a small part in)." You failed to tell us what part! Jim
  22. I don't see how the addition of the Corinth Interpretive Center has diminished the mission at Shiloh, so I would question if further new units would do so. Of course, it would most likely have to include an expanded budget, which would be the rub. Jim PS I took the liberty of removing the other two posts.
  23. First time I've ever seen a Gatling gun in action and a cannonier in womens garb!
  24. Seeing as I was born to a poor black family, I ain't payin'.
  25. Always seems to be something new every time I go to one of these. The battle reenactment was Cushing's defense at Gettysburg, in honor of his receiving the Medal of Honor earlier this year: For some reason, I was interested in watching the closest cannon crew. Something looked different. Of course, when it came to the most important pic, the miserable photographer messed up the shot! The most interesting part was the Gatling Gun: During a battle, it can fire about 300 rounds a minute. Each round had a metal case, powder and a 58 caliber minie ball. The cost today would be about $1.00 per round, meaning you could fire off a grand in just over three minutes! Firing off the two clips of blanks they did here wasn't inexpensive either. You gotta love the dedication of these reenactors! Jim
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