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  1. Confederate Firearms by Regiment for Shiloh

    Will look through my files and see what I can find as well.
  2. Confederate Firearms by Regiment for Shiloh

    25th Alabama Infantry account by Cpt. William P. Howell, Company I, 25th Alabama Infantry. He is referring to Pvt. Burton Jackson Waddell, Company I, 25th Alabama Infantry. I know this is just one account, but, pretty neat. I will here relate a little incident of a man in my company. In the summer of ’61 when the company was being raised at Oak Level one B.J. Waddell who had just returned from Texas joined our company and had a fine rifle gun which he had secured in the west and insisted that he must carry it to shoot yankees and in our first engagement which I have already described, having shot his rifle a few rounds and while on his knees trying to reload, a yankee bullet struck him in the heel, which disabled him in the balance of the war and while he is still living and resides near Anniston, Alabama. I don’t think he has ever recovered from that gun shot.
  3. Confederate Firearms by Regiment for Shiloh

    Great stuff! More comments after I read all this!
  4. Sgt. Enos Beecher Chatfield, Company D, 11th Iowa Infantry

    Chatfield post war.
  5. Maj. William R. Goddard, 15th Illinois Infantry

  6. 1st Lt. James Baird Weaver, Company G, 2nd Iowa Infantry

  7. Fort Donelson

    Soldiers killed and wounded at Fort Donelson
  8. The View at 100

    Yes they are, prohibited that is.
  9. Cpt. Emerson Opdycke, Company A, 41st Ohio Infantry

    This bullet wounded Opdycke at Shiloh and was removed from his body. http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/w/Battle_of_Shiloh
  10. Cpt. Emerson Opdycke, Company A, 41st Ohio Infantry