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  1. From the album Fort Donelson

    From Lincoln County, Tennessee, Luttrell became a Prisoner of War when Fort Donelson surrendered to Federal forces on 16 February 1862.
  2. Fort Donelson

    Soldiers killed and wounded at Fort Donelson
  3. Dentures found at Shiloh

  4. Dentures found at Shiloh

    From the album Shiloh; Photographs at Shiloh and relics of the battle

    http://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/2014/06/lost-and-found-at-the-battle-of-shiloh-one-half-of-a-very-fancy-denture.html Located at the Smithsonian. The upper palate appears to be made of silver and it has eight porcelain or mineral tube teeth. Each tooth has a "central canal" which is secured to the palate with pins. Two teeth are missing. The museum's dental collection has dozens of dentures made from these exact materials. What makes this denture interesting are the two inscriptions: In pencil or ink on the top of the palate it reads, "FOUND AT SHILOH BATTLEFIELD"; and etched into the bottom of the palate "FOUND AT BATTLE OF SHILOH". The denture was given to the museum in 1969 by dentist D.L. Crowson of Petal, Mississippi. In a letter to Curator Audrey Davis, Dr. Crowson wrote, "I have no history on this denture except I was told by the person who gave it to me that it had been picked up on the Shiloh battlefield site". When the Civil War began in 1861, there were few university-trained dentists on either side of the conflict. However, just as now, people suffered from tooth decay diseases that made dentistry as essential on the battlefield as on the home front. The surgical sets supplied to Union surgeons included dental tools for the extraction of teeth. Many of the soldiers who participated in the Battle of Shiloh had probably lost a tooth at some point in their lives, but false teeth would have been relatively rare, especially a denture of this quality.
  5. Col. John J. Thornton, 6th Mississippi Infantry

  6. Col. John J. Thornton, 6th Mississippi Infantry

    From the album Shiloh; Photographs at Shiloh and relics of the battle

    Sword carried by Thornton at the Battle of Shiloh. Thornton was wounded at Shiloh in the bloody attack of the 6th Mississippi in Rhea field.
  7. 6th Mississippi Infantry flag

  8. 6th Mississippi Infantry flag

    From the album Shiloh; Photographs at Shiloh and relics of the battle

    This flag, which has been stored in the candy jar since before it was sent to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in the early 1900's, was reputedly carried by the 6th Mississippi Infantry during the Battle of Shiloh. A label inside the jar with the flag states that seven color-bearers were killed or wounded while carrying this flag during the battle. The 6th Mississippi sustained horrific casualties during the first day’s fighting at Shiloh. According to General Cleburne’s report in the Official Records, the 6th suffered 300 casualties of the 425 men it carried into the battle, earning the unit the nickname of the “Bloody Sixth.”

    https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/47601591/jacob-bowman Yeah I remember years ago when his prints were seemingly all Gburg and Antietam. And I recall that he had a hard time finding good accounts of clothing and etc. for his Shiloh piece, and to his credit he wants his paintings to be authentic, not "what they might have looked like", nor a generic version of Western CS soldiers early war. I doubt he will do any more Western theater, which is sad, but would love to see some.

    Pvt. Jacob Bowman, Company D, 14th Illinois Infantry. Some people would say this guy was a "Confederate", with the upside down US buckle and all.

    Cool Tom, will look forward to seeing it. It is a crying shame that Troiani only did one Shiloh print. His work is amazing, but I guess the Western Theater was just not his thing. Would love to see him doing a painting with his interpretation of the attack of Gladden's men in Spain Field. I don't have the Troiani "Men of Arkansas" print, but would love to get it.
  12. From the album Confederates and Federals in the Iuka/Corinth Campaign

    Killed at the Battle of Hatchie Bridge on 5 October 1862.

    Ozzy made mention of the 7th Alabama Infantry. 1st Lt. John Dickinson of the 7th Alabama Infantry (57 years old, photo probably taken in or near Pensacola). He is dressed like a Federal officer to the T, blue frock coat and all.

    As far as blue uniforms on CS troops. Many people in the SDG know Keith Willingham. He asked me once if i had ever found any images of soldiers, particularly officers, of the 16th Alabama Infantry wearing blue uniforms. It was a point of research interest for Keith, but not of mine, so I am not sure where the account came from that some 16th officers wore blue uniforms (I don't doubt the report, just need to ask Keith for the reference, would love to see it). But, I happened upon this image of 2nd Lt. Goodloe Pride, Company A, 16th Alabama Infantry not too long ago. It sure looks like to me he is wearing a blue frock coat, or a heavily bluish gray. Enough so that either way, if that was being worn, it could be mistaken for a Federal jacket from a distance.

    I would agree, I would say either his accent OR the possibility of being seen by someone who knew him and they identified him. I guess he "could" have come clean and said who he was, to some type of CS authorities, for whatever reason (may have been questioned?) But, then again, how many of the men captured at the Hornets Nest would have been interrogated by CS authorities?
  16. Pvt. George Burton Childress, Company K, 31st Alabama Infantry

    On 18 December 1862 a claim was filed based upon his death.
  17. From the album Confederates and Federals in the Iuka/Corinth Campaign

    He was killed at the Battle of Corinth on 3 October 1862
  18. From the album Confederates and Federals in the Iuka/Corinth Campaign

    Born in Ohio, he enlisted on 4 January 1862. He was killed on 4 October 1862 at the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi.