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  1. Fuel on the fire about the "battle-context" versus "wider-context" deal. Just talking here, and the "you" I refer to is a hypothetical person. Would you want to go to Normandy and get slammed with information on the Holocaust? Would you want to go to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park and get slammed with information on the Trail of Tears? Everything has its place. But the problem with financially restricted historical venues is that to teach the public about one thing money must be, in most cases, taken away from something else.

    The area in the Shiloh visitor center with the relics belonging to Gladden and Prentiss? Sorry, they have been removed to put up these posters talking about states rights and slavery. Wider context. The federal government is not going to enlarge the visitor center at any battlefield to be able to put in a new display on wider context issues. No, something battle specific will be cut. It will happen. It has happened. It does happen. There is one battlefield, again I will not state the name of it here. I have seen that very thing happen. On one visit, boom, stuff on the battle has been replaced by stuff on slavery, etc.

    Like I said, do you want to go to Normandy and be force fed information on the Holocaust? Pretty soon, if wider context is the norm, you won't have to go to the battlefield, or at least not to the visitor center/museum. The museums at Shiloh, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, etc., will all be teaching the exact same thing as if from a cookie cutter. Again, going back to context and who won the war---if each battlefield has a "wider-context" theme, then SOMETHING from the battle will not be taught, period. If you physically take space in a museum to put in materials to teach wider-context, then that means battle-specific stuff must be thrown out and not used. And, being a modern day soldier, the wider-context crowd, well, they seem to be the PC police to the detriment of the common soldier who fought the battle.

    Teach the causes of the war elsewhere, and leave the bloody battlefields to the memory of the common soldier that fought, bled, and often died there.

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