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I am the author of a new book:

Grant Under Fire: An Exposé of Generalship & Character in the American Civil War


General Ulysses S. Grant has a sterling reputation as an officer and a gentleman, despite his suffering the biggest surprise of the American Civil War, committing the worst official act of anti-Semitism on United States soil, and coming closest of all U.S. commanders to losing Washington. Defenders even rank his generalship above Robert E. Lee’s, but to do so, they must ignore his simplistic, pugnacious strategies that led to a war of attrition, as well as his amateurish tactics of impetuous frontal assaults, all along the line against fortified positions. Grant Under Fire, rigorously based on primary sources, comprehensively demolishes the General's reputation as a military genius, as a man of integrity, and as a reliable chronicler of the war.

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