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  1. Interior of Fort Donelson-position of Stankiewicz Battery
  2. Cumberland River viewed from position of Confederate water batteries
  3. Stones River Battlefield has scanned much of the information in their regimental files and made it available online here: http://www.nps.gov/stri/historyculture/regfileaids.htm.The material,mainly diaries,letters,and memoirs,is organized by state and regiment.Although the emphasis is on Stones River,many of the diaries and memoirs have information about Shiloh.
  4. When I got my copy of the atlas that accompanies the Official Records,I was surprised at the lack of detail in the map of Shiloh and of the area between Shiloh and Corinth.Compared to some of the other maps in the atlas,there is a lack of coverage.Not sure why this happened.The Union army engineers completed an excellent map of Middle Tennessee in 1864 that was not included in the atlas,but is in the National Archives.Maybe this also happened for this area.
  5. C.D.-Did you meet the relic hunters John Marks and Dr.Rees Buttram when they hunted around Shiloh? Pieces from their collections have recently come to market.
  6. I have a couple of bullets in my collection that were orginally part of the collection of the Old Fort Museum.Where would this have been located in relation to the Park? And what time was it in operation? The first time I visited Shiloh,the only place I remember that had relics on display was Shaws.
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