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  1. Only two Shiloh Photos are known to exist and those are of the landing after the battle. There is a photo of Ft. Robinette at Corinth that has much of the same appearance as this photo but there are some distinct differences.
  2. sorry about all the extra items but you know how I am, take the easy way out.LOL
  3. column%204.7.141.doc
  4. Sounds as though Saturday 1:00 p.m. would be a good time. If this is good I will call Barbara and give her a heads up.
  5. Lunch at the Hotel sounds good . What would be a good time? Memorial for Ken Hansgen will be Sunday at 2:00 p.m..
  6. Francis war history. cummins record.pdf
  7. We're planning on chasing the Wis boys in the moonlight on Sunday night. everyone is invited to attend!
  8. good topic, The Bloody pond is, like the rest of Shiloh, somewhat a mystery. Bloody pond holds the high ground, if you were to call in your agriculture agent and say I want to put a pond there, they would laugh their heads off because there is not enough runoff there to support a pond.Yet there it is after several hundred years, water level remaining the same only changing in the driest, hottest months. there is no visible means of water, no inlets running in, no outlets going out. Therein lies the secret to it's longevity, it doesn't fill up with silt because no silt runs in. It has only been cleaned out once that I know of and then only because the large oaks that were on the edge of the pond had dropped limbs into the water. and one even fell into the pond. Bloody pond sits on the east end of the Lick Creek, Owl Creek and Tennessee watershed. Water immediately east of the pond drains into the Tennessee River, water immediately west drains into Owl Creek, Water immediately south drains into Lick Creek. If you take a map of the Shiloh area and draw a line beginning at Bloody pond running south west toward Barnes field to the Eastern Corinth Road, then running due south with this road to the bark road and following the Bark Road to the Corinth Road then south to the county line at which point it turns west again. All water to the north and west of this line runs into Owl Creek, All water south and East of this line runs into Lick Creek. If you continue your line North from Bloody pond to the Michigan monument, then north by northeast to the main entry road, then due East to the cemetery you have Shiloh Ridge. Actual drainage area into Bloody Pond is less than half an acre, so the pond is not dependent on rainwater run off and is pretty much a rarity as far as ponds go. My belief is that it was some type of animal wallow. And of course the soil or mud was taken away on the animals coats. I can just see a large herd of buffalo all covered with mud grazing in the meadow which would one day become the infamous Peach Orchard. anyway that's my two cents worth.
  9. Most Ponds would dry up and fill in with the years but the bloody pond is spring fed and was probably started as a buffalo wallow in the years when they were plentiful in the Shiloh Area and as the farmers will testify hogs will make a pretty good pond in a dry field. Water oaks pond was a wet weather pond and was not spring fed henseforth it dried up each summer. There was several ponds on the battlefield(most manmade) from which the soldiers drank. It just happened that this pond was in an area where there was a lot of severely wounded men and was next to a road that was well traveled. Your right John, my southern speech pattern showing out. All ponds in our area are cattle ponds even those in the middle of a hog pasture. good to be back on the board Ron, maybe we can find something to argue about!lol
  10. no, the Pond is mentioned in at least two of the grants from 1820's and several firsthand accounts of the battle mention the wounded drinking from what was basically a cattle pond.
  11. Hope all my Civil War Friends have a safe and happy Christmas and a productive new year and may you receive all the books you hope for in the coming year.
  12. rickmancd

    Ken Hansgen

    Our friend and Shiloh Tour Guide Ken Hansgen died early this morning. Ken will be sorely missed at the scv meetings and on the park. Rest in peace Ken!
  13. Ron, I found a deed on record dated in 1858 where Thomas Maxwell and Pits bought the Spain Estate from the Spain heirs, this is the only deed on record for Pits except the one dated the same year for a female slave and her two children. Pits brother Rinaldo lived in the 10th district in 1860,south of Lick Creek but Pits is nowhere to be found in Tn. Pits died in the 1880's in Texas.
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