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    9th Alabama Battalion???

    Stan, Ron is right. There are several references to the 9th Battalion fighting at Shiloh but they are simply mistaken. Col. Blount did send men back to Corinth for guns and apparently either took it upon himself to take his men to the fight on the 7th or he was ordered. The evidence is conflicting. Either way they never made it to the battle in time. It is my deduction that he did so without orders and that is why his command was taken from him and the 9th dispersed between the 17th and 18th Alabama Regiments. Later in the Spring of 63 these men, with the help of a petition, would get the 9th Battalion reorganized under Col Bush Jones (He is also often mistakenly listed as Bushrod). The actual order from the war department came in September of 62. I haven't figured out why it took them til March of 63 to get the unit reorganized. Two companies would be added later and the 58th Alabama would be formed. Can you tell me who was in the picture that you saw and where it was? I am researching this regiment for a possible book.