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  1. Student of Sherman

    Shiloh Day Trip 02/02/2019

    We took a day trip over to Shiloh on Saturday to enjoy the beautiful weather and walk around for the day, also because it's pretty much been forever since we've stopped by the park. As is customary on every visit, we have our dog, Beauregard, pose for a picture next to his namesake road over by Fraley Field. Not sure why they replaced the old Beauregard sign, even the Visitors Center couldn't really give us an explanation as to why it happened, which is fine, it was simply curiosity if anything.
  2. Student of Sherman

    Epic Trek with Tim 2018: Sweet Home Alabama Edition

    Should be ideal conditions for tomorrow. Everybody have fun and be safe!
  3. Student of Sherman


    Aaron Rodgers must have been leading them all, naturally. -Paul
  4. Student of Sherman

    Lee surrenders.

    Find a Grave lists his burial & plot as Unknown at the bottom, due to the burial at sea reference in the earlier text, I would assume.
  5. Student of Sherman

    156th Battle Anniversary

    Been about 4 years since I've been to an anniversary hike, and almost 3 since I've been to the Park itself. Is it wrong that I'm perfectly content with waiting for Tony's video uploads at this point? Of course, it is always very gracious & kind of him to perform such a service for many of us each year, and am always truly appreciative of his generosity. -Paul
  6. Student of Sherman

    Hello From Kentucky

    Welcome, Derrick! Glad to have you with us. -Paul
  7. Student of Sherman

    Epic Trek 2017: Update

    Looks like a fun time was had by all, indeed. So glad it was a perfect fall day for the hike! -Paul
  8. Student of Sherman

    19th Alabama pre-Shiloh letter

    Mona, Here is what I was able to find on Eluctious William Treadwell, Sr. Wasn't able to find a burial location, sadly. -Paul
  9. Student of Sherman

    Epic Trek 2017: Update

    I've never seen him so tired, than after he spent most of the day out and about at the battlefield, he was definitely tuckered out, spoiled puppy.
  10. Student of Sherman

    Epic Trek 2017: Update

    Not this year, sadly. Definitely need to get back out there, haven't been to the Park since the Mississippi Monument dedication ceremony, and that was almost 2 years ago.
  11. Student of Sherman

    Epic Trek 2017: Update

    You all have fun! -Paul
  12. Student of Sherman

    Shiloh Battlefield Marker Returned

    Not long ago, a friend of mine saw on Craiglists that a Battlefield Position Marker from Shiloh was up for sale. This struck him as odd, and sent me the listing over Facebook to see for myself. The marker itself is #402, Day 2 action, Jones Withers' Division, Chalmer's 2nd Brigade that states: C. S. ARMY OF THE MISSISSIPPI. Chalmers' (2d) Brigade, 9th MISS., 7th MISS., 5th MISS., 10th MISS., Withers' (2d) Division, Bragg's Corps. This brigade was engaged here on Monday, April 7, 1862, until about 1 p.m. My friend then contacted Shiloh National Military Park and informed them of what he had seen, and for the park to hopefully have it returned. I am very pleased to announce, it is indeed done. The Park Service responded saying the Marker was back in their possession, and that it had been taken from the Battlefield over 40 years ago. It looks a bit worn due to age, so I'm sure that it'll be spruced up a bit and retake it's rightful place on the Battlefield. So good news all around! -Paul
  13. Student of Sherman

    Shiloh Battlefield Marker Returned

    My friend did the work by finding it in the first place and notifying the Park Service. I'm merely the messenger
  14. Student of Sherman

    155th Hikes

    The topics of the many hikes look like it will be a fun time this year. I was looking forward to it, until I remembered our 10 year Anniversary is in mid April and talked about taking a week off to go somewhere. I, myself, would prefer to take that week and just spend it at Shiloh during the anniversary week; however, I doubt that would fly over well with the Mrs., ugh...priorities truly suck, don't they? -Paul
  15. Student of Sherman


    I'll go with 515 feet. Can we go to National Coney Island or a Big Boy, instead? Between those, and Slurpees from 7-11, definitely miss them all. -Paul
  16. Student of Sherman

    Epic Trek with Tim: Fort Donelson Video

    I started Tim's recent book not too long ago, the one thing I wish were different (as it was with the Shiloh book) is less of the Tarantino-ing with certain topics...meaning...something will be introduced, and then several pages spent going back to the beginning, explaining how that topic or person came to be. A lot of the times it's only something small & indifferent to the big picture, it just simply can be annoying at times. Then again, this is just my opinion. -Paul
  17. Student of Sherman

    First Capital to fall

    The only thing I can think of, which might be incorrect, is Jackson MS. Only because of Brig. General Charles Clark (Clark's Division of Polk's Corps at Shiloh, later A.P Stewart's) was sworn in as Governor in late 1863, preceded by John J. Pettus. -Paul
  18. Student of Sherman

    Fort Donelson Hike

    Just was curious, something I've been wondering, did Tony by chance, take his usual video for this hike? I just finished Tim's interview with Bjorn and that question popped up in my head. -Paul
  19. Student of Sherman

    Hello from Ohio at Perryville

    Welcome to the group!
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    From the album: Water Oaks Pond

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    Yes sir, well done!
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    From the album: Water Oaks Pond

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    From the album: Water Oaks Pond

  24. Student of Sherman

    Water Oaks Pond

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    From the album: Water Oaks Pond