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  1. Here is a letter, written by Rudolph, found in the forward of an original copy of 'A History of the Ninth Regiment" by Marion Morrison. Jonathan Webb Diess, a professional archivist, directed me to this document. Since I just received this, I have not had a chance to research any of the content. Does anyone know who the recipient of this letter is?
  2. These rules & regulations were posted by Rudolph in a recreation tent for the 9th Illinois Infantry. Why my grandfather saved this, is a mystery to me.
  3. Hey Perry, You are most welcome. I wanted to post these things on this board to give the readers a look at what I am working with. This is the first time these mementos have been seen by anyone but family since the '70's. Here is what I found in a little envelope I missed the first time I went through the material. Paper currency of the period, and a ticket to the 1893 Worlds Fair.
  4. Hi all, Here are digital scans of some of Rudolph's papers. You could see that he carried the order folded in his pocket.
  5. Got my first access to my grandfathers things today. Took some low resolution photos of some formal documents and a regulation sheet. One mentions Rudolph was cited for gallantry on the field of battle at Shiloh.
  6. Hi all, I have some updates regarding my gg grandfather Rudolph's mementos. First, let me start off by saying I have been in contact with Mr. Westhoff. Mark's Illinois licence plate is BLOODY 9. He is an authority on the 9th Illinois Infantry and has reproduced the badge my Grandfather wears over his heart in the photo. A fascinating guy and fellow researcher. A pleasure to have Mark around to enlighten and educate me. I received a letter from my cousin Howard yesterday. Howard and his son Brad decided to keep gg grandfather Rudolph's collection within the family (where it has always been). The though being; the collection would fade away into obscurity at a big museum. I must admit that idea crossed my mind too. To insure the collection is preserved intact, Brad (who has two sons) is now in possession of all the "papers" Rudolph kept. Brad told me Rudolph saved everything, threw nothing away, and speculates there may be as many as 2,000 original documents for me to see. The tintypes and old photographs are not in Brad's possession as of yet, but will be in due time. Brad lives in southern Illinois in the Mascoutah area, so he is within a day trip from my house. Since Brad has only had the collection in his possession for two weeks, it is very difficult for him to tell me exactly what it contains. From what I gathered from speaking with Brad, there is a significant amount of Civil War material present. A trip for me to see the collection is in the works. Brad has also invited the Heritage Museum in Mascoutah to review the Heimberger collection. The picture I share is the one I have been after for so long. It came to me through a family album my cousin Julie shared with me. It is marked G.A.R. in the lower left hand corner.
  7. Hello Mark, Thanks for your reply. I will send you a PM with some contact information.
  8. Hi Jim, Here is the link to view the images on file. http://cdm16447.cont...m.oclc.org/cdm/ I also did a Google search 'James Oates Boys in Blue' and got a link that took me right there too. The ALPL&M is strict regarding this material. You can get 10 free low resolution images from them. After 10, you pay $3 (each I think) for any additional images. The library will send you (via computer) high resolution images for $20. I got the high resolution images so I can print and frame them. There are 8K images on file from the Gen. John A. Logan collection. Logan was an Illinois state senator. To the best of my knowledge, these are soldiers from Illinois only. The ALPL&M staff are willing to answer questions as well.
  9. Hi Jim, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has a searchable database called "Boys in Blue". I see they have 3 photographs of James Oates, 9th Illinois Infantry, Co. K on file. These photographs came to the library in the 1950's from the Gen. John A. Logan collection. He was going to put his Civil War veteran photographs in a Memorial Hall. The hall never got built so they wound up in Springfield, Illinois.
  10. I found these at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum in Springfield Illinois. The origin of the color sketch I have, seems to be this photograph. The reverse side reads; Front: R.U. Heimberger, Color Sergt. 9 Ill. Inf [lower right corner missing]; Back: Mascoutah, Ill, I was born in Mascoutah Ills. from noble parentage (Germans) Dec. 29th 1838. My father was also a patriot for this country & served in the 3rd. La. Regiment and lost the use of his left arm near Tampico in Mexican War by gun shot wound. I enlisted in the 9th Ills Regt Inf. under old Abrahams call & served in [?] 3 years & 3 months & the latter 3 years as bearer of said Regtl. banner of said Regiments. History will show the balance. Yours. R.U. Heimberger [lower right corner missing] My book arrived last week. It was less than $20. Thanks again for all the help and information.
  11. Hi Jim, The Illinois State Museum in Springfield, Illinois would be a likely condidate. My ggg grandmothers (Maria LaFontaine) piano & sewing machine are already there on display. They were donated by my great aunt Ethelyn Boyd. Ethelyn passed at age 102 not too long ago. She was a teacher & world traveler. Ethelyn knew Rudolph, I only spoke to Ms. Boyd once when she was 9damn5. I got family history from her in the oral tradition. That got me started. The Heritage Museum in Mascoutah, Illinois would be another possibility. They were of great help to me. They are doing a Civil War tribute, in 2014, to the men of Mascoutah & the 9th Illinois Infantry. Since Rudolph was the first child born in Mascoutah, lived in the area, and part of a founding family they are very interested. The town of Mascoutah, is right next to Scott Air Force Base.
  12. Hey Jim, I will have to travel over 1,000 miles to see my gg grandfathers mementos. They are going into a museum in Illinois if all goes well. Once I get there, I will know more. Hey Grandpa, What really strikes me is that Rudolph's things were kept intact from the time he died (1920) to the time they were rediscovered (around 1980). The fact that they survived at all is amazing unto itself.
  13. Hello all, I just found Marion Morrison's book available at Barnes & Noble in paperback (1st edition). I called my local Barnes & Noble and ordered a copy. It will be here in 4-6 days. I expect to pay around $20 when I pick it up. It is available online as well. In my search for information on Rudolph U. Heimberger, I found my 4th cousin. They are in possession of Rudolph's personal mementos intended for his first grandson. This would have been my grandfather. Somehow, this never happened. I am told it includes his Civil War diary. Once I review this material, I may be able to share some of it here. Included is a tintype image of my ggg grandfather Gustavus Heimberger from the Mexican War. He was a 2nd Lt. in the One Regiment of Foot Louisiana and Gen. James Sheild's personal interpreter. Gustavus is pictured in uniform, wearing his sword and holding a Colt Walker revolver. Quite the find for someone who has no clue of what they are doing. I found this stuff by accident. Pumpkinslinger, The 9th Illinois complained their commanding officer could not speak English, so he was replaced. My personal thought is German's would not willingly wear Balmorals or Glengarrys. I'm still looking into this.
  14. Hello Idaho Native, Thank you kindly for the link and reply. Hello Tom Doyle, Thanks for your reply. I saw Phillips mentioned in an online book in reference to my g grandfather Herman R. Heimberger. This is from Courts and Lawyers of Illinois page 1007. HoN HERMAN R HE1MBERGER St Clair County esteemed Herman R Heimberger as one of its ablest lawyers a man of sound learning and measuring up to the best traditions of the profession During a practice of twenty years at Belleville Mr Heimberger was frequently honored by public office and has represented his district in the State Legislature Herman R Heimberger was born in St Clair County at Belleville November 2 1870 a son of RU and Anna Herman Heimberger His father was born in Illinois and his mother in Germany coming to America in childhood and reared and educated in Illinois where she married RU Heimberger The latter was for many years engaged in the mercantile business at Belleville and was also a popular traveling salesman During the Civil war he saw thirtynine months of service as color bearer in Companies E and F of the Ninth Illinois Regiment His first colonel was Judge Jesse J Phillips and later Augustus Mersey commanded the regiment R U Heimberger is still a resident of Illinois at Fayetteville in St Clair County at the age of seventy five and the mother is now sixty nine years old They were the parents of four children I think I may have seen your name before too. I read a lot. Thank you, nice to meet you. Hello Pumpkinslinger, Thanks for your reply. As a student of history, I am not aware of the hats worn by the 9th Illinois Infantry. Could not say if you are right or wrong, sir. Please enlighten me. Thanks.
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