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  1. I know this isn't a genealogy site, so let me know if this is not wanted here, but this is what I'm struggling with after running across some of the above information the other day... I have never heard of Conquest Cross Harris. My GGG Grandfather is Christopher Columbus Harris who likewise went by CC Harris. The bio our family has had on him is that he mustered in with Co A of the 12th TN in May '61 in Jackson, TN. He was 1SGT before being promoted to adjutant and ordnance officer for the regiment. He later was assigned to Bell's Brigade of Forest's Cavalry. Unfortunately this biography is the same biography as Conquest Cross Harris. After learning of him from the above posts, I've found reference to him in many other places, including Nathaniel Hughes Jr's Tyree H Bell Biography. This all leads me to believe it's not likely there were two CC Harris's who served as adjutant of the 12th TN and later 4th BGD Forrest's Cavalry. I have a whole pile of copies of ordnance returns attributed to CC Harris that I suspect are Conquest Cross. I looked through our records and the earliest I'm finding attributing Christopher Columbus to the above described military biography is his second wife's widow's application for Confederate pension in 1937. We also have a grave marker request from her completed in 1940. I'm wondering if she could have confused the two CC's at that time. So my next step I guess is to check out the archives at the TN State Library and try to determine if there were two CC Harris's in the 12th TN or in any other TN regiments. I'm welcome to any more suggestions. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/26894681/christopher-columbus-harris
  2. Confederates of Cal, Well, unfortunately I missed your follow up to my question of 5 years ago regarding my ancestor, CC Harris, of the 12th TN Inf. So much for my promise to follow this board closely ? You seem to have some very interesting information. I was confused as to your use of Conquest for the first name and thus must have looked past this. I was aware of the Tyree H Bell connection but didn't know they were related. If you're still out here, please contact me. Thanks,
  3. Hello, I am a long time amateur CW historian but have a newfound interest in Shiloh due to my ancestral link. As a result of some active family genealogy I discovered I have ancestors who fought on both sides of the battle. My 3rd great grandfather CC Harris was a 1SGT with the 12th Tennessee, Russell's Brigade, Clark's Division, Polk's Corps. And his future daughter's uncle-in-law, David H Marshall, was there on the Union side with the 13th Kentucky Infantry, Boyle's Brigade, 5th Division, Army of the Ohio. As a result of this my interest in Shiloh has been reinvigorated. I'll be following this board closely. Any information on these units or direction to primary source material will be most welcome. The image attached is GGG Gpa CC Harris. If anyone can provide info on this uniform I'd be thankful. Thanks for the hospitality, -Brian
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