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  1. Merry Christmas to one and all!
  2. I will get around to ordering a copy after the holidays. Will contact Karen. Have bought too many books about the du Ponts of late. A little recess from the civil war although there were several du Ponts in the war (Samuel, navy) and Henry A with the 5th U S artillery. Du Pont supplied at least 40% of the powder for the union war effort. Thanks for the info clacav. Oh and yes Jim thanks for your offer.
  3. Congratulations to Mike for the great picture. Thanks for the kind words re my picture.
  4. Congrats to Mike & thank you for your kind words re my photo.
  5. How does one obtain an autographed copy?
  6. Thanks for the link to the book source as copies of the book are expensive. I marvel at the courage and dedication of the women nurses or those who nursed their loved ones including fanny Gordon (wife of John Brown Gordon) and Arabella Griffith Barlow (wife of Francis Barlow). Both Gordon and Barlow were wounded at Antietam, Gordon 5 times. Both their wives were close by and both nursed their men back to health so they could fight again. Here is a quote from Gordon re his wife: "The doctors told Mrs. Gordon to paint my arm above the wound 3 or 4 times a day with iodine. She obeyed the doctors by painting it 3 or 4 hundred times a day. Under God's providence, I owe my life to her incessant watchfulness night and day, and to her tender nursing through weary weeks and anxious months." Barlow's wife would join the US Sanitary Commission in 1862. After nursing soldiers at wounded in the 1864 Overland Campaign she would die of typhoid fever on July 27, 1864. In 1996 someone installed a bronze place over her grave in Somerville, New Jersey describing her role as a Civil war nurse. Just 2 unsung heroes of the civil war.
  7. I think officers put other officers subordinate to them and others under arrest all the time. Stonewall Jackson was good at it. When the Maryland Campaign started I think both A. P. Hill and John Bell Hood were under arrest. When under arrest you were relieved of command and had to march at the rear of your column of troops.
  8. Jim: do you really have a 2nd home in Tennessee? Looks like an ambitious hike. have fun. Saw your old post re the winter quarters.
  9. No chance for me getting to Shiloh again this year. My rottweiler had some major medical bills so all the long distance travel monies have been spent. I am lucky there are lots of 150th events here with activities in the Shenandoah Valley, the Overland Campaign in Virginia and the 150th at Monocacy. Glad to have so much happening close to home. Come east for a visit. Heard there was going to be a huge reenactment on private land near Spotsylvania Courthouse in early May.
  10. I saw a picture on the Shiloh National park site showing one of the large eagles with a fish in its talons taking the fish back to the nest. It was a nice picture.
  11. Jim: Glad you enjoyed Vicksburg. I found it a very interesting place. Since my visit in 2008 I think they have been removing some of the trees that were planted by the CCC"s & I expect there is more open space between the Union and Confederate lines. Did you find that to be the case? I did get an opportunity to go to Gettysburg July 1. Went to a special program "The Last March of the Iron Brigade" which followed the bridage march from the Codori Farm to Herbst Woods. The Park Service estimated there were about 1,200 people on the hike which paled in comparison to the July 3 recdreation of Pickett's Charge. I found the hike very interesting and have been reading more about the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg since then. They spent the night of June 30 camped near Marsh Creek which is a few miles south of the farm. The Iron Brigade had the highest losses of any unit at Gettysburg loosing over 1,000 of the 1,800+ that were engaged. They lost their identity after that when a Pennsylvania unit was added to their ranks. It is great to spend a little time going to 150th events.
  12. Yeah Perry - You need to share more of your then & now photos.
  13. I might just have to go check this out next year. Interesting post Jim.
  14. Amazing photos Perry. I think spring is later everywhere this year. I can see you will have more award winning photos for the CWT photo contest this year.
  15. Ron: yeah - I thought that was the 1st one. That is what I would have said if I had of made a timely response.
  16. Thanks for sharing pictures Perry.
  17. Glad you are having fun. Wish I was there too. Thanks for sharing photos.
  18. There will be artillery firing demo's at Antietam the weekend of June 22-23 and July 27-28. No demo's in between though.
  19. Thanks for the interesting post Ron - The more I know about artillery the more I like it. I am going to ask Santa for a M 1857 light twelve pounder for Christmas. We recently had our spring artillery training at the park - oh do I love firing that bronze gun!
  20. Well thanks to Jim - I see a battlefield a hop skip and a jump from my house - Summit Point, WV.
  21. This book might be of interest: A History of the 9th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, with a Regimental Roster by Marion Morrison New Forward by John Y. Simon There is a chapter about Shiloh Here is a link to the original book. http://books.google....antry&f=false��
  22. Hope everyone that goes to the 151st has fun. I am sequestered at home paying medical bills that continue to mount for the parks namesake Shiloh. Guess family responsibilities take precedent over having fun. Is anyone coming out this way for the 150 anniversary of that little skirmish in Adams County, PA., this summer?
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