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  1. Freemans Camp at Hagys

    And no Jim not one for the 16th Wisconsin even though I know they were a great unit
  2. Freemans Camp at Hagys

    Some of us are serving with Mr Mark James,we have a couple of projects in mind once we get rolling again one we're thinking on will be in the Shiloh area
  3. Hello, all

    Good to see you I'm a little late though, my ancestors were in the 21st also , hope you enjoy the group
  4. Freemans Camp at Hagys

    Some of us are serving on a gun , a lot are just camping spending time on the park and trying to raise money for another monument
  5. Freemans Camp at Hagys

    Hello everyone been a while since I've been on,looks like we've expanded a lot that's good,just wanting to let y'all know our SCV group will be camping at Hagys for the 155th like to invite everyone to come by and visit , be good to see everyone Thanks Perry Neal
  6. It Lives

    theres also goin to be a living history event happening over at the museum
  7. Albert Sidney Johnston

    yea from everything ive read i dont think he had a large escort if any at all
  8. Meeting with other Denizens of the SDG

    hate that ur not goin to make it ,mayb one day i get out that way to visit
  9. Schedule of 2014 Anniversary Hikes

    i rode around the park today after church and it seems they lookn out for us,they have done some burning quite a bit of it i guess they trying to kill them ticks and posion oak out for us
  10. Albert Sidney Johnston

    far as his escort goes he had confederate governor of tennessee isham g. harris, his brother in law i think william preston and doctor yandell his personal physcian whom he left to care for the enemy jus prior to his death
  11. Artillery round from Shiloh

    i believe we got a 20pd parrot, Riley said it prob. worth around 250
  12. Meeting with other Denizens of the SDG

    sounds good to me hope i can make it sure enjoyed it last yr
  13. Artillery round from Shiloh

    yea i was with Riley this past weekend at the battle of Okolona wish i had it then,thanks alot hope to see you in april
  14. Where to stay?

    yea camping would b great,i think u can camp right across from fraley field build a good fire were we could all hang out and have a council of war jus like they did before the attack
  15. Artillery round from Shiloh

    thanks Ron ,i havent seen it yet so i dont know ,what was the diam. of the wiard shell ,i get back with you when i see it,he was wondering what it is worth ,you have any idea