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  1. Perry Neal.....see my previous reply, open invitation. Rebel.....the ground penetrating radar is exactly the type of technology I would think could be used. Very helpul information, thank you. Wrap10....going to look into those books, that you so much for the information, this is such an informative site, thanks. idaho native.....yes, I have read similiar, in fact I think a marker may have touched on that point near Pittsburgh Landing, or maybe I read it online. I was moved to write this, I hope you like: I walked the fields of Shiloh today gazing upon the winners flag sway waving in the breeze half mast paying its respect to the boys thus past As I walked alone roads once bloody a feeling of sorrow swept through my body picturing the boys bravely fall among the thunderous sounds and flying ball I knelt below the monument mark that noted where the boys in gray embarked on their frightful journey to their maker went openly giving their lives they sent As I walked the fields of Shiloh today I felt moved enough to kneel and pray for both the boys of Blue and Gray you are not forgotten on this day.
  2. Open invitation. It would be wonderful to have others there the next time I visit, I look forward to learning as much as I can. I purchased a yearly pass, I just knew that this would be a place I would return too. I just moved to Huntingdon, TN, right down the road from the smaller Parker's Crossroads Battlefield, which your Nathan B. Forrest was the main Confederate General. Not too sure when the next visit will be, but I'll gladly contact you or anyone else from this forum if you wish to hook up. John Kramer
  3. I just visited Shiloh over the weekend, I was moved to say the least. What I was most surprised about was my reaction at the site of the Confederate mass graves. I was surprised at the feeling of sorrow I felt as I walked up the their marker. Poor souls, never to be marked as individuals, no names, known only by God. Now I understand that most soldiers of that time were not identified, most of the Union troops that fell are unknown as well, but such a feeling of sorrow for those men to be massed together. I pictured them, shoulder to shoulder, tan/gray uniforms soaked dark by their blood, side by side in eternal rest as they were in battle and in life. I have no known relatives that fought in the Civil War, but a strange feeling of camaraderie came over me, like I was visiting dead friends, not folks I knew nothing about. To say the least, I don't advocate their cause to continue slavery, but I do respect the issue of states rights that arguably was paramount to their decision to fight, at least on an individual basis I'm sure. I honor their efforts as soldiers, having bravely given their lives to what they believed in. Upon my return home, I reflected and did some reading on Shiloh. My immediate interest was spiked in what happened to the fallen men at Shiloh. I read that it was 4 years after the battle that a surveyor came and reported that the bodies were still not completely buried. I believe at that time, that the dead were buried where they fell, at least on the Union side, and Confederates massed together. Sometime after, the Union troops were moved to the cemetery at the landing and the process to preserve the battlefield started. Is that about right? Now there was reported to be about 12 mass graves of Confederates, only about 5 were located. There are only 2 marked at Shiloh that I saw. My question is if there are ever any volunteer opportunities to assist in locating those remaining graves, or archeological opportunities in general for the public to assist? I would feel honored to do that. Does anyone know where we could research the past archeological digs or surveys of Shiloh as it pertains to artifacts or remains? I would love to research the area and processes necessary to get a whole understanding of how a battlefield is preserved, etc. John K
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