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  1. That's great you are working on the signs!
  2. jsbuys

    A Blaze of Glory

    Just curious if anyone else has read Jeff Shaara's "A Blaze of Glory"? If you have not heard, it's his newest historical fiction book centering on the battle of Shiloh (there will be two follow ups to finish out the western theater). I found the Generals to seem very unsure of themselves in this book, and I suppose that was accurate, but it's hard to imagine. It was much different from Gods and Generals. Anyway, I realize it is "fiction", but just wondering what anybody else thought of it.
  3. I was lucky enough to be there. It was truly an awesome experience to hear him speak. I have to laugh about the comment in the first article about the standing oviation, because most of us 9000 were standing to begin with.
  4. Do you have to be directly descended? I have a couple great, great, great uncles, but not grandfathers. So, does that count?
  5. That was already a year ago Mike T? Crazy how fast time goes.
  6. jsbuys

    Forrest Park

    Thanks Mike. I really appreciate all your help. Look forward to seeing your pictures! Jo Ann
  7. jsbuys

    Forrest Park

    I appreciate it Mike, I was looking at a place on Front St that seems to have good reviews. So, is Front St. pretty decent? I just need a nice family friendly, budget friendly place. Jo Ann
  8. jsbuys

    Forrest Park

    We are heading there in August. Could anyone tell me a good part of Memphis to stay in? We want to hit Forrest Park, the Zoo, possibly the Gibson Guitar factory. Thanks.
  9. jsbuys

    Forrest Park

    Thanks Mike. And I surely will take lots of pictures Sharon. Our vacation plans are not yet final, but I've wanted to go there for quite awhile. Jo Ann
  10. jsbuys

    Forrest Park

    Has anyone ever been to Nathan Bedford Forrest's grave in Forrest Park? We are possibly going to travel through Memphis this year, and I would love to go, but have heard it's not in the best part of town. Now what does that mean? Is it just in a run down area, or are gang members running around the park? Any clarification would be appreciatied. Thanks, Jo Ann
  11. Mona, Happy Birthday to you, belatedly. I hope you had a great day, even with the rain. Jo Ann
  12. I never see anything for the Shiloh page on FB on my news stream. I wonder why that is? If I saw posts from it I would check them out. They keep changing FB for the worse.
  13. My one Civil War Battlefield goal this year is Chickamauga. I haven't been there since 1999. I've made it known in my house that I'm going come hell or high water.
  14. Can you head through Dallas and pick me up Mike? :cool: I want to go too!
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