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  1. S.J. I agree with those who say that locals thought of Pittsburg Landing as the immediate area near the landing. However, when I was growing up there in the 40s and 50s the local address was Pittsburg Landing and the post office was on the park in the building that now houses the book store. I had several family ancestors who lived on or near the battlefield at the time of the battle, but they were not there during the fighting. Grandpa
  2. Just a little 'heads up' for those not famiiar with Jim Oates who will be presenting the talk about the 16th WI infantry. You will learn that the Union's victory at Shiloh was largely attributable to the 16th Wisconsin infantry. Yes, I know there were other Union units engaged, but they just made a lot of noise.Sorry Jim, but I just couldn't resist the urge to wade in. You know what the song says," fools rush in". I won't be able to attend any of the Fall SDG doings. I had a bad stroke last Nov. 27 th and am still confinned to a wheelchair for most getting around, although I am planning to be at Shiloh for the dedication of the new Mississippi monument, located just above (South of) Rhea spring. The dedication will be Sat, Oct. 10th at approx 11 AM. Grandpa
  3. Had time yesterday to make a quick tour through some of the park. There's not much Fall color this year, at least not yet. Saw 6 tour buses. Seems the American Queen riverboat is docked at Savannah, and their patrons were touring Shiloh. I have some advice; try not to be in a situation where you have to meet a tour bus on the little Hornet's Nest road. I had to pull off onto the shoulder of the road. It seems all of the gun carriages have new paint. They look good. Except for the buses, the park seemed to be almost deserted. Grandpa
  4. Jim, Thanks. Also, I've been using your "patented" area exploration method for many years. Hope I don't owe you any royalty payments! It really gets interesting when you have to take a detour when you already don't know where you are. Grandpa
  5. Jim, The property containing the 'Johnston's Last Bivouac" site at Shiloh may be changing owners in the next few months. The current owners would probably be receptive to any interest from The Civil War Trust. Grandpa
  6. Grandpa

    Woods Family

    Jim, Yes, that would be Shady Grove cemetery. Peter's church building was located about where the house east of the cemetery sits.
  7. Grandpa

    Woods Family

    John, Yes, that is the map I was referring to. Peter's house would have been about where the 't' is in Peter. However, the location of John Wood's place is somewhat inaccurate on the map. It was almost directly south of Peter's house, which would put it a little farther west than indicated on the map. I'm guessing that Shady Grove would be a little west of the 'o' in Bolling. John Wood's house was about halfway between Peter's house and Shady Grove. This map is the only reference that I have seen to the name Bolling. I can't tell if the map says Bolling ford or Bolling road. Could be both. If anyone knows about the Bolling name, please fill us in. This Saturday is clean-up day at Shady Grove. There will be lots of good food. CD will be bringing a big pot of fresh turnip greens, and there will be plenty of cornbread. What started as a real clean-up has now become just a social gathering. Grandpa
  8. Grandpa

    Woods Family

    I've been away from the site for some time, so am just now seeing this conversation. First the name is Wood, not Woods. Just one stick, not a pile. W.P. Wood lived in one of the 'two cabins'. I'm not sure about the other cabin. A Wood lived there, but I'm not sure of the name. James M. Wood owned the cotton press. His wife was Sarah Jane Seay, daughter of Lewis (Louis?) Seay for whom Seay field is named. Their house was near the cotton press, but as far as I know, the exact location is unknown. W.P. and James M. were brothers. W.P. was married to Sarah's sister Elizabeth. Peter Wood was an uncle to W.P. and James M. Peter was a baptist preacher, and his church building was at Shady Grove. Peter's house was approximately 1/2 mile away through the woods. If anyone has a copy of the old map that shows Peter Wood's spring, that will show about where he lived. The spring is still there. I'm pretty sure that James T. Wood was Peter's son, but I do not know where he lived but I do know that there was a house on the opposite side of the spring from Peter's house, and he may have lived there. C.D. and I knew the location of Peter's house many years ago, but now could probably only locate it within a hundred feet or so. Peter was C.D.'s great great grandfather. W.P. was my great grand father. C.D. could supply more infomation.
  9. I plan to be at Shiloh on the 5th. Lunch at Hagy's sounds fine. Grandpa
  10. Ron, Thanks for your reply. I don't remember ever reading anything that mentioned his escort, but I will continue to do some research to see if I can find any mention of his escort at Shiloh. My reason for asking is that a Texas button has been found about 80 ft from the flagpole at the Johnston bivouac site. Guess I need to research what Texas units were at Shiloh. Several people are camping on our place near the Johnston bivouac site on the night of the 5th. On the morning of the 6th, they intend to walk to the battlefield following the Bark road or the path of the old Corinth - Pittsburg Landing road. If any SDG menbers would like to join them, email me at tncav19@aol.com. It would be primitive camping. Thanks again, Grandpa
  11. Well, since I have been unable to find my answer on the site, I decided I would just start over and see if the combined knowledge of the SDG could help. If I remember correctly, Johnston was from Texas. Also that he was in California when he resigned his commission in the US army, and then travelled to Texas. My question is this: what uniform was Johnston wearing at Shiloh? Did he have an official Confederate uniform or did he maybe have a Texas uniform? Would any of his staff/aides have had a Texas uniform? Did Johnston have a cavalry escort? If so, what unit? Thanks in advance, for I'm sure some of you can provide answers (if not, I guess I'll have to start googling and reading). Will this winter never end?!!! We have freezing rain tonight. Grandpa
  12. Well, since CD is back, I may as well chime in on this topic. I have probably seen Bloddy Pond every Summer for the last 60 years, and I never saw it go dry. It was low in times of drought but never close to dry. Although the pond is in an area that saw much activity during the time of the battle, the number of soldiers that would have actually seen the pond was a small percentage of the total involved in the battle. Don't know that that means anything, it's just food for thought. As most of you know, most springs are located at or near the base of a hill or ridge. Thus, a spring-fed pond on high ground is a real anomaly. This is a good small discussion with good input from all involved. I enjoyed reading everyone's posts. To all you folks in the deep freeze area: stay safe and warm. Grandpa
  13. Hope everyone has a great time Sat. The weather should be just about perfect at Shiloh, and Fall color is very good. If any of you have time, try to vist the Johnston bivouac site on highway 22 about a mile southwest of the park. Grandpa
  14. Jim: I see a few people are telling you to 'take a hike'. Grandpa
  15. In case any of you are interested, there's a Facebook site called: Shiloh Wildlife Photographers. Not all their pics are from Shiloh, but I think most of them are. They are wildlife photographers, not historians, so don't expect info concerning locations. Still, some of you may figure out some locations based on cannons and other clues in the pics. There are some very good pics on the site. I was at Shiloh last week, and took time to make a quick drive through a small part of the park. I entered at the entrance where hwy 142 meets hwy 22, turned right at the crossroads, went past Shiloh church, passed the Two Cabins site and turned on Reconoitering road (the Seay field was freshly plowed), right on Peabody then made a quick stop (take note Jim) at the location markers for the 16th WI. I then turned right on Gladden road and left the park. On the Bark road I had a nice slow long drive behind an Amish buggy.
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