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  1. Ozzy, I agree with you. Steady and dependable would definitely describe Pap Thomas, along with words like brave and steadfast. He was the only general on either side that won a victory so complete that the opposing army was literally destroyed as an army. He was a great general, but without the rift with Grant and his Virginia birth, he would have had more opportunities and been even greater. John
  2. There was indeed a "rift" between Grant and Thomas. After Henry and Donelson, Halleck wrote reports and sent letters claiming most of the credit for himself, implying the victorious results were due to the great planning in Washington and St. Louis. He heaped praise on a number of generals, including some that had little or nothing to do with the victories. He gave Grant almost no mention, let alone credit. Halleck did not like the thought of Grant getting too much attention, and tried to shelve him. He recommended a number of promotions to Major General of Volunteers, and included Grant on the list. In spite of Halleck's reports, Lincoln had already put through Grant's promotion. Later, before Shiloh, Halleck removed Grant from command, telling Lincoln that Grant had reverted to his old habits, meaning he was drinking again. Grant was placed on a desk, officially for not sending reports or communication for over two weeks. Halleck named Thomas to command the army, which he did for about two weeks. Grant managed to explain his lack of communication, the telegrapher deserted with all the dispatches, and facing Lincoln's disapproval, Halleck put Grant back in command. Grant then proceeded to Pittsburgh Landing. Although Thomas was not trying to replace Grant, (Halleck used Thomas to get at Grant without Thomas' knowledge of what political machinations were going on), Grant never forgave Thomas for replacing him. This is why Grant was so ready to relieve Thomas. Lincoln even let Grant know that he was opposed to removing Thomas, but Lincoln felt that Grant as general-in-chief should be able to name his own field commanders. Grant was about to leave Washington to personally relieve Thomas when the news of his great victory arrived. His congratulatory message to Thomas was not exactly gracious. Thomas did tend not to move until he had everything right, but he was no McClellan or Rosecrans. He did get them ready, and then moved like a sledgehammer. As to Grant's replacement as general-in-chief, I have never read of any question about the choice. After the Civil War, and new rank was created. Grant was named General (four stars) and Sherman was named as the sole Lieutenant General. As such, it was a given that he would move up on Grant's resignation to become President. Sorry for being so long winded. That is the risk you take when a history teacher is giving an answer. John
  3. Oops! The above post was mine. Sorry, still a newbie here. Mugwump53
  4. I have never heard of Thomas being offered the position either. By the end of his term, given the Tenure of Office Act, the Reconstruction Acts, and his impeachment, Johnson had very limited ability to name anyone to anything, especially generals. I believe that if he had tried, the Senate would have refused to confirm his nominee, waiting for Grant to name his own successor. I will have to do some research on this one.
  5. Hi, Perry. Got your message and welcome. Where is the appropriate place to post a personal message to an individual without interfering with everyone else? I am not getting email notifications. What should I do to correct that? Also, is there a regularly scheduled chat? I taught another Civil War class this year (we offer it as an elective every second year). It would have been great if I had discovered this site earlier. The students would have enjoyed it greatly. I'll be around on a regular basis and I am looking forward to it. Mugsy
  6. Hi, Perry. Sorry to be off-subject. Just wanted to say hello and get back in touch. Are there scheduled chats on this site? I have posted in a couple of places hoping to get back in touch with you and Belle. I'll keep checking back. Mugwump53
  7. Hi, Belle. I just joined and found your name. I have often wondered how you were doing. We'll be in touch here, I hope. Mugwump53
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