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  1. Hello Idaho Native, when was the account you posted originally published? Hello Ozzy, yes indeed Sherman engaged in some serious 'CYA' and got away with never really having to answer for his arrogant dismissal of the overwhelming amount of intelligence of an impending attack in the days leading up to April 6th, even going so far as issuing an order to arrest Lieutenant Eagler of the 77th Ohio for his report of seeing the enemy to his front, which was not obeyed. No explanation of why he did not have the men entrench, and something that has always stood out to me, his odd placement of the camp of the 53rd Ohio, all alone with no close support, out in front of the army. Thanks.
  2. Hello Ozzy, thanks for the link. Do you know if there is a transcript of the letters? Having a difficult time reading them. Thank you, Roger.
  3. I want to thank you Stan, Nathaniel Webber was my 1st cousin 3X removed. Thanks to you he now has a face to go with his name on Ancestry.
  4. Merry Christmas everyone.

  5. A fantastic collection you've put together Stan. It really gives you a feel for what the Confederate army looked like at the battle of Shiloh. A mix of uniforms,  men, and weapons. I especially like the Bowie knives, which was the most prized trophy among the northern troops, for sure among the 77th Ohio. Thanks for all your work putting this collection together. Roger. 

  6. rwaller

    Shiloh Church

    Illustration by soldier artist A.E. Matthews, 31st Ohio.
  7. rwaller

    The Tyler And Lexington

    Illustration by soldier artist A.E. Matthews.
  8. “The underbrush and timber were pretty well cleared off down as far as the creek in our front, but the large trees were standing. Our pickets were still being driven in, but we could not see anything until our own pickets commenced to emerge from the woods on the far side of the creek. “We crouched down on our knees, with our muskets ready for action as soon as our men came back to the lines and we could see any enemy to shoot at… “Finally the enemy’s artillery opened, firing over our heads into our camp. The cannon balls commenced cutting the limbs off the trees over our heads, and my particular fear at that time was of being killed by a failing limb… “Suddenly the artillery fire trebled in volume. … We did not know whether the guns were all on the enemy’s side or not. … Major B.D. Fearing came running along behind the line, shouting at the top of his voice, ‘Boys, those are our guns.’ “Just at this time the rebel lines, firm, compact, and terrible, emerged from the woods across the creek, and advanced into the creek to get the shelter of its banks, and the battle opened in fury along the whole front. At about this time General Sherman, with his staff, was near the flank of our left regiment, the Fifty-third Ohio. … “Our fire was too hot for the enemy in our immediate front, and they disappeared from view In the brush beyond the creek. … The lull did not last long, however, as they came back with redoubled force, and settled down to that long series of sledgehammer blows, kept up almost incessantly during that long day. The Battle of Shiloh as a private saw it, Robert H. Fleming, Adjutant, 77th Ohio
  9. “Our brigade … camped at Shiloh Church, the church being used by brigade commander, Colonel Hildebrand, as his headquarters. About this time I was detailed as clerk to the Adjutant-General at brigade headquarters, and it was my fortune to spend a number of nights in Shiloh Church until the headquarters tents were erected immediately alongside this crude little log structure. … Robert H. Flemming, Adjutant, 77th Ohio
  10. A. E. Matthews was with the 31st Ohio which arrived at Shiloh immediately after the battle. In addition to these Shiloh related sketches he continued to produce sketches throughout the war and even seems to have been detached from his regiment for sketching related assignments. I've just been made aware of a series of Vicksburg sketches that are very good. Grant may have requested him. After the war he traveled out west and produced some great landscape sketches and paintings.
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