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  1. Hello Idaho Native, when was the account you posted originally published? Hello Ozzy, yes indeed Sherman engaged in some serious 'CYA' and got away with never really having to answer for his arrogant dismissal of the overwhelming amount of intelligence of an impending attack in the days leading up to April 6th, even going so far as issuing an order to arrest Lieutenant Eagler of the 77th Ohio for his report of seeing the enemy to his front, which was not obeyed. No explanation of why he did not have the men entrench, and something that has always stood out to me, his odd placement of the camp of the 53rd Ohio, all alone with no close support, out in front of the army. Thanks.
  2. Hello Ozzy, thanks for the link. Do you know if there is a transcript of the letters? Having a difficult time reading them. Thank you, Roger.
  3. rwaller

    Ohio At Shiloh

    Found this in 'The New Orleans Daily Democrat' of April 11, 1878. COL. WORTHINGTON'S CASE. ----------------------------------------------- The Senate Military Committee to Investigate the Battle of Shiloh. (Cincinnati Commercial) Washington, April 7, -- The bill introduced by Senator Thurman for the relief of Col. Tom Worthington will cause to brought before the Senate Military Committee a history of the battle of Shiloh, so far as Gen. Sherman was concerned in managing the Union army. A large number of witnesses are to be summoned who were of the Seventy-seventh Ohio, immediately under the control of Sherman, besides other testimony of those by whom it is intended to prove that Sherman was surprised by the Confederates, and was criminally responsible for the great massacre of Union soldiers, and but for Worthington's command, which held the enemy for hours till relief came, the army would have been destroyed. The controversy has engendered very bitter feeling. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does anyone know if these testimonies were actually given and how the can be found? Thank you, Roger.
  4. Men who had fought at Shiloh were later prisoners at Camp Ford, near Tyler, Texas. They played a lot of baseball.
  5. Hello all, I have found many old texts available at Internet archive, https://archive.org Happy reading.
  6. A great list of books Ozzy, much appreciated. I've read a few of them, particularly enjoyed Beattys The Citizen Soldier.
  7. Thanks Ozzy, fascinating. Wanted to mention again in the opening sequence of the film Glory which shows Union soldiers playing Base ball. Love it. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for all your hard work Stan.
  9. The 77th Ohio was armed with .69 caliber Belgian rifles from the armory at Liege. Private Alfred Heminger, Company B., 77th Ohio.
  10. I believe this is entirely correct CSuniforms. The dead counted along Sherman's front after the battle was greater than the total number of 1728 reported. 226 were counted after the battle directly in front of the 77th Ohio's position around Shiloh Church. This would be more than 13 % or 1/8th of the total. I have an unpublished letter written by a member of the 77th that mentions a number of smaller holes containing 50 to 100 rebels. The true number of confederate dead is probably closer to 3,000. We all know where the large burial trenches are located today, but originally there were more that had been identified but the locations are not known today. Brush and trees have been allowed to grow over many areas of the battlefield that were once cleared off at the time of the battle. Forensic tools like ground penetrating radar needs to be deployed over a much larger area. I'm sure the confederates were in shock and disbelief after the battle and the true number of casualties were under reported. My 2c's
  11. I want to thank you Stan, Nathaniel Webber was my 1st cousin 3X removed. Thanks to you he now has a face to go with his name on Ancestry.
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