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  1. Crisis at the Crossroads hike (video)

    I went back to youtube and it was gone.
  2. Thanks for posting these videos Tony. I watched on YouTube. Someday I might be able to attend one of these hikes. I'm only a couple thousand miles away.
  3. Anniversary Hikes

    You guys have a great time.
  4. Hello, just a few thoughts and observations on this photograph. It appears that we have an entire brigade drawn up here in three successive lines. Regimental musicians, holding their instruments are in the center of the picture with the color guard in front of them. The flag is interesting in that it appears to have a Corps emblem on it. The unknown cameraman seems to have positioned himself up on the roof of a shed or in a house to get this vantage point. Any ideas? Thank you.
  5. I thought the board would appreciate this photograph. It is from a volume called 'The Image of War: 1861-1865, Volume V, THE SOUTH BESIEGED, THE NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The six volumes were originally published back in 1983. I have been putting together a used set one at a time as they became available on Amazon or Ebay. I finally got the final volume I was missing and this photograph jumped out at me. I estimate it was taken during the summer of 1863.
  6. Caption: A magnificent image of an unidentified Federal regiment drawn up for the camera near Stevenson. Hard-bitten Westerners like these would take the war to the enemy wherever they found him. (BEHRINGER-CRAWFORD MUSEUM, COVINGTON, KENTUCKY)
  7. Mona and Stones River

    A curse on all these mindless developers destroying this sacred ground.
  8. Mona and Stones River

    I had the chance to visit the battlefield back in 1983 but even then there was a housing development butting right up against the park. A year ago I had the opportunity to travel from Chambersburg Pennsylvania to Gettysburg following Lee's route, which I enjoyed very much, but honestly I was thrown off by Gettysburg, I didn't get to see everything due to time constraints, but I almost wish I had never gone there.
  9. Images/Photographs

    You've done some great work Stan, much appreciated.
  10. Court-Martial records

    Got it a couple of times but then it crashed....will try again. Thanks Ozzy
  11. Baseball, anyone?

    Thanks Ozzy.
  12. Baseball, anyone?

    Here is a baseball from an auction house catalog (Cowans) that says 'Picked up on the Battlefield of Shiloh'.