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  1. Perry, thank you so much. The contest ends on the 29th, so folks have a few more days to vote for their favorite pic. Also, I'm still looking for early readers, those who will read for free and leave a review on Amazon when the book releases, if anyone is interested.
  2. Ozzy, thank you. I hope the descriptions about the battlefield are clear and authentic, but I'll have to wait until someone reads it to know for sure. If anyone on this forum would be interested, I am looking for early readers, those who read the book for free and post a review on Amazon. Also, here is the actual link to the Facebook page facebook.com/OldTimeChristianAuthor/
  3. I guess that link didn't work. So, here's the back cover info about the book which is called "His Yankee Wife." Battle scarred in body and soul, Rae Wilkins comes home to keep a promise to her best friend, despite her hometown’s long memory concerning her past mistakes. Discovering a book written about her ancestors who fought in the Civil War Rae reads about Rachel, a Yankee left behind in the South when her husband enlists in the Union Army. Struggling to understand her place in God’s kingdom, Rachel’s faith and loyalty are put to the test when she follows her husband to the battlefield. Caught between the sins of the past and the hope of the future, Rae and Rachel must draw their own battle lines and learn the true meaning of forgiveness.
  4. Hello all. I joined this forum over a year ago to learn what I could about the battle at Shiloh for a fiction book I was writing. Well, the book is finished, thanks to everyone who gave me their valuable time, and I am ready to publish it. There is a launch page at facebook.com/oldtimechristian/. if you would like to check it out. The battle doesn't take place until around chapter 18 of the book, but I could not have written that part without you all. Publication is in a few weeks. Thanks again for allowing me to be a small part of this group. If for some reason the link doesn't work, you can find me on face book as SJWellsAuthor Admin note - here is the working link to the Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/OldTimeChristianAuthor/
  5. Ozzy, so sorry it took over a month to reply, but thank you for the birthday wishes. The book is coming along, but it's slow going. Winter blahs have set in, and I'm busy homeschooling my girls. Back to working on it and still researching all that I can. Thanks for asking about it. Are you working on something new? I saw your book on Amazon a while back.
  6. SJ Wells

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    Michele, thank you. I believe I got it now.
  7. SJ Wells

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    I might be mistaken, but I believe my profile picture, or rather the picture I wanted for my profile picture is in the gallery. If this is the wrong place for it, I'm sorry. I had to have help from 2 family members just to get it loaded, and now neither of them know how to make it my profile pic. So, I'm just apologizing for any confusion. If anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to help.
  8. Ozzy, It's not that bad. I think I'm on page 22 now. I was just very sleepy earlier, as it was the middle of the afternoon, and I was in serious need of caffeine. lol I did look for it in other formats online but didn't find any. I'm getting most of it and appreciate all your help.
  9. Jim thank you. Ozzy, I found the book online. There is even a button to click so an electronic lady can read it aloud. I'm sure the information in the book will help if I can stay awake long enough. Good thing there is a way to pause the reading. I went to a small reenactment here in WV a few weeks ago, and I couldn't help but think as the battle got underway, "How could they have not heard the shooting?" It was so loud. It echoed off the surrounding mountains, and I was so close I could feel it in my chest. I'm sure that the sound of the firing at Shiloh had to have echoed off those hills and ravines.
  10. SJ Wells


  11. Ozzy, thank you so much. I really like the family connection. Plan to use it. Putting him at Pittsburg Landing the second week of March works because he sends a letter home which accidentally brings his wife down to visit. Transylvania, thanks for the suggestion. I didn't know Owensboro and Paducah were close to each other. Sometimes when doing research if I want to find out how far it is from one place to another, I'll get directions on google. But sometimes that doesn't tell me much. lol Now, as for where the 46th was camped at Pittsburg Landing, was it at or near Wolfe Field? I'm trying to write the scene on the morning of Apr. 6. Would they have heard the shots early that morning? If so, would they have known what was going on? I'm writing from my Chaplain's wife's point of view. She'd planned to go home, but the battle sort of messed up those plans, and the Chaplain wants to send her back to the river as far as she can get from the fighting. Any thoughts?
  12. John, I really appreciate this. Thank you so very much. . I can't wait to read it.
  13. Thanks, Jim. I clicked on the link to the journal, but because it is a picture, my screen reading software didn't read it. Well, it read it, but it was a jumble of symbols and words. lol Just trying to get a sense of local sentiments. Some of my characters remain in the area after the battle, so I want to get a sense of what it may have been like for them.
  14. Transylvania, thank you. I'm rather glad the 6th wasn't mounted during Shiloh as I had already written the scene with the men marching. lol I could have changed it, but I'm glad I didn't have to. Ozzy, I'm wondering if my Union chaplain could have went to Ohio to volunteer. I thought of placing him in the 46th Ohio, which would put him right where my guy from the 6th would be on the first day. It works in my head, anyway. lol But, it seems like a long way to go to volunteer. To ride or walk all the way from near Owensboro Ky to Worthington Oh where the 46th was organized or even to Columbus sounds like quite a long way. Maps would come in handy, but I'm blind and maps don't do me much good unless I can read them with my fingers.
  15. Mona, I thought of that. But, so far I have him with the 6th Ky infantry. From what I can find on the internet, the 6th would have joined at the right time for my story, Nov. 1861. Some resources say this was a mounted infantry regiment, but some point to it being on foot at first but mounted later after Shiloh. The Union guy is more difficult to place. lol
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