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  1. svedra

    Epic Hike 2018 Suggestions

    Watching the 2017 hike on YouTube. Great memories. Looking forward to this fall already.
  2. svedra

    Shiloh 2018

    Thanks, Stan. Sounds like those that did not attend missed out. I will do my best to get there next year, but looking forward to our fall hike now with greater anticipation.
  3. svedra

    Epic Trek 2017: Update

    Put me down for two. Steve and Amy.
  4. svedra

    2017 Epic Trek Topic Announcement

    I have equally watched all of the videos and was very disappointed when the stars didn't align last year. This year I will be thrilled to join the hike.
  5. svedra


    Thanks, Ozzy. I was not previously aware of the Dahlgren resource.
  6. svedra


    Has anyone created a list of the artillery fuses used at Shiloh?
  7. svedra

    Fort Donelson Hike

    Good points Ozzy. I understand why he was put in charge of the department based on his Texas experience (lots of ground and limited resources, friendship with Davis, etc). However, it appears that he did not take into count the volunteer nature of the confederate army (and the federal) for that matter. Officers came from all walks of life and did not have military discipline early in the war. I am not a micro-manager myself and believe in trusting your staff, however, there is value to seeing something for yourself every now and again. Lots of Monday morning quarterbacking on my part a century and a half after the fact.
  8. svedra

    Fort Donelson Hike

    Kendall Gott's book is a great read for anyone looking for a good overview that is east to read. I think he provides some good insights into the mindset of the commanders on both sides and why some decisions were made. Although he doesnt come right out and say it, he alludes to the hands off nature of Johnston during the lead up to these battles. It really starts to make you question his leadership abilities or at least those perceptions of him at the time.
  9. svedra

    Fort Donelson Hike

    Looks like Tim's book will drop just in time to read it before the Trek... http://www.amazon.com/Grant-Invades-Tennessee-Battles-Donelson/dp/0700623132/ref=pd_sim_sbs_14_2?ie=UTF8&dpID=51VDU6AjtGL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR106,160_&refRID=1DVPWPVWTKD3FRG6RFA5&tag=viglink22163-20
  10. svedra

    Research @ Shiloh

    Does the battlefield have an archive where research can be done on hard to find documents, letters, etc?
  11. svedra

    Glad to be here!

    All, I just wanted to reach out an introduce myself. I stumbled upon this group via You Tube videos of your Tim Smith hikes. I have been interested in the Civil War since the 4th grade, but just getting back into it recently. The forums are fantastic and I look forward to contributing once I get up to speed.