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  1. tcb816

    Happy 10th Birthday to Us

    Sorry I don't get to this site as much as I want but do love this group. Since first time I walked the grounds of shiloh it's in my blood.Happy 10th anniversary!
  2. Sorry about the other two post just don't know how to take them off.
  3. Hope I'm posting this ok.Just wanted to know what everyone thinks of this.Good or bad.Im hoping this is good! http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/politics/state/story/2015/aug/05/lamar-alexander-introduces-bill-include-tennessee-civil-war-battlefields-national-park-system/318327/
  4. tcb816

    Epic Trek with Tim 2014

  5. tcb816

    Epic Trek with Tim 2014

    I wish I could have been there.Looked like fun.Im going have go next year.
  6. tcb816

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks.Only wish I was at Shiloh today.Thanks once more.
  7. tcb816

    Woods in the Woods

    This is just so pretty.
  8. tcb816

    Happy Birthday Grandpa

    Happy Birthday Grandpa!
  9. tcb816

    Question re: Park Closure

    That just keeps the gov running till the 18 after that it looks like gov shutdown.Hope not.
  10. tcb816

    Opening of Sherman Rd

    Let me know when the new tour is out.
  11. tcb816

    Celtics Vs. Lakers

    Way to go Lakers on your 16th CHAMPIONSHIP!:happy: You are the Steelers of the NBA. AARON YATES
  12. tcb816


    I live about 60 miles from nashville in waverly tn .lucky for me i live on the hill here so was ok. We got about 14 inchies of rain just on saturday.Has not seen this since i was a kid in 1979. aaron yates
  13. tcb816

    Happy Birthday Mona

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday. AARON YATES
  14. tcb816

    Battlefield Visits

    Don't know why this came to me but I going put it out there. Do anyone know if Grant or any of the leaders of both sides ever came back to the Shiloh Battlefield after the war.It would have been nice if they did and wrote something of the visit. AARON YATES:)
  15. tcb816

    A better option?

    The Dills Branch Ravine is something even today and the vegetation.Like you I think getting over it with the flooded water would had been a job.This is only a guess but I believe that most of the southern troops near the branch would have been move over to the left and go around.Leaving some there to keep nothern troops in place there. You have to recall it would had also been a job that nite for the northern troops to also get through the ravine.I seem to recall that Gen. Forrest wanting to do something that nite but could not get anyone to lisen to him.Any news on this I just seem to recall that. AARON YATES