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  1. The NPS has a group campsite just down the hill from the National Cemetery. It's not much, but if enough people were interested in camping, they might open it up for the group.
  2. My name is Jason McHaney. I became interested in Civil War history in 1978 with my first Boy Scout hike at Ft. Donelson. I first visited Shiloh NMP in 1980 with my troop. Since then, Shiloh has always been my main focus of study. After abut 15 years of reenacting, my focus now is study of the battle. Following Dr. Jeff Gentsch and Bjorn Skaptason's leads, I have begun using walking tours to better my understanding of the battle. I am also passionate about improving the Boy Scout hiking trails on the park, as well as developing a new one based on Shelby Foote's novel. My screen name comes from a first cousin several times removed. Cornelius Felix McHaney was from Lexington, TN, and enlisted as a private in Company I, "The Forked Deer Volunteers", Thirteenth Tennessee. He was captured at some point during the battle and spent several months in the Alton, IL Penitentiary POW camp. After his exchange, he returned to Lexington and enlisted in the 21st Tennessee Cavalry under Forrest. After the war he returned to Lexington and became a druggist there. He died in 1919 at the age of 77.
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