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  1. I think the burden of proof, in this case, would be on the one making the supposition. Not the one disagreeing. Otherwise, it is character assassination by conspiracy theory.
  2. Will the battlefield loan us a canon for that? Or do we need to "borrow" one from another?
  3. Welcome, Pat, and a Happy Belated Birthday! Russell (USN FMF ret)
  4. A big part of the naming of these places as Gibraltars was not so much that they were the equivalent of the original, but that they were meant to be. This has much to do with hyperbole and not actuality. Without a delve into the biographies of those that named them Gibraltar, I would say they were seeking an equivalency for morale (for the soldiers, the general populace in the South, or even more likely, themselves),
  5. Fort Smith in Arkansas is also known as the little Gibraltar of the Arkansas, by E Bearrs.
  6. Due to some unforeseen issues, I am unable to make it. My apologies as I was looking forward to meeting everyone and Tim Smith. Sorry Russell
  7. My wife and I will be there. I will be the confused looking Oklahoman with hair.
  8. Wife and I got one of the Cabins at Electric Lake. Not many left from what I hear.
  9. Russell Martin


    One of the issues in military history is the lack of game theory that is applied to subject. There is a tendency to place undue bias on what determines "victory", whether by the battle or by the campaign. The most common of these is the zero sum game, or, either you won or you lost. To this we use hindsight to determine these parameters, either through total losses or who controlled the battlefield at is conclusion. For example. Wilson's Creek is typically thought to be a Confederate victory, and surely in numbers loss and loss of control of the battlefield, they did. However, they failed to impose their will upon the Union. Union troops continued operations in the area, and indeed, the Confederates retreated across the Missouri Arkansas border. (Albeit not right away). So in this sense can Wilson's Creek be a victory? Fort Donelson has a different outcome. By all intents, loss of the forts and territory, the casualties lost (Killed, Wounded, Missing, Captured) have a Confederate loss. Thusly Grant had accomplished his goals, and imposed his will upon the enemy. He would show much the same imposition during the Overland Campaign with his tenacious tactics and operational movement versus Lee. Whereas similar losses would have had the Army of the Potomac scurrying back across the river, Grant shifted, and continued to wage war.
  10. How long is the hike? And if anyone local can suggest places to camp where I won't be mistaken for a deer?
  11. Russell Martin


    Hank, thank you for the list of sources. You have obviously put a lot of work into it, and it is a good list. A couple of the links didnt work, but I was able to find the sources by name. The only one I couldnt find was Alex Walker. Do you know the name of the newspaper? thank you again Russell
  12. He was also under the pressure to defend all the states in his department.
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