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    CSA Monument

    Thank you Jim!
  2. As some of you may know, I became involved in a movement last year to stop a casino from being built a stone's thrown from Gettysburg National Military Park. This past weekend, I attended a private meeting of a political watchdog group for Tennessee State Government. In that meeting, it was brought to my attention that casino gambling and the creation of a state-wide casino movement would more than likely be the focus of fall legislative session. The State of Tennessee lost millions of dollars this past year when federal dollars stopped coming in from the Recovery Act. Since the state does not have a diversified tax base, the sole income source is sales taxes, which have fallen off due to the economic downturn. The current political climate in the state, along with the budget shortfalls, will make this a prime opportunity for casino investors to seize the moment. One of the first issues that we discussed was location. Almost everyone in the room agreed that the state would consider river-based casinos long before they would consider something land-based. Given that reality, places like Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis might be prime targets to start. However, based on models from other states, it is only a matter of time before well-attended historic sites become a target. That in turn would put Shiloh at risk, along with Chattanooga. I made a prophetic statement during a No Casino Gettysburg meeting in April 2010. I told the crowd "I fight here today because I refuse to see a floating gambling joint in the Tennessee River as a look across the graves of the brave Wisconsin men that died to protect their company flag." I hope and pray that never becomes a reality. I also pray that we are wrong about this. However, the current governor is neck-deep in the casino gaming industry, looking for new ways to raise state revenue, and trying to keep tax dollars within the state itself. This political climate is very akin the environment in which Eddie Rendell passed casinos in backroom dealings in Pennsylvania. Valley Forge, the birthplace of American tenacity, is now outflanked by a noisy and out-of-place casino hall. Although I have nothing in terms of evidence to back up these statements, I am trying to issue a warning. Keep your eyes and ears open. I don't think Tennesseans will allow casinos if the issue goes to a statewide referendum. However, I fear the loop holes in gambling legislation in this state will open the doors for a mirror image of the Pennsylvania Christmas Present (casino law passed on Christmas Eve around 11 p.m.). If I hear or find out anything else, I will post it here.
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    A Few From Shiloh

    Some of my favorites from Shiloh
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    First Trip to Shiloh

    Pickwick is wonderful! Spent a week there in April, and it was just a grand trip!
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    A Casino at Gettysburg

    No Casino Gettysburg has two great videos that ask the question, what will be your legacy: http://www.civilwar.org/video/our-gettysburg-legacy.html http://www.civilwar.org/video/the-gettysburg-address.html I would like to think that all of us who love the Civil War would take this kind of stand to protect all Civil War battlefields if threatened this way. Enjoy! Violet Clark
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    Fall at Shiloh

    According to the predictions around East Tennessee, most of the color changes will be minimal due to the intense heat this summer. Leaves will turn brown and hang on the trees for a long time, then just dry crispy and fall off. The only thing that will help is a sudden influx of rain in the next few weeks. I would have to say the same would apply to Shiloh, as they have been hotter and drier than us. Hoping the weather folks are wrong! Violet Clark
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    A Casino at Gettysburg

    Perry, I will add you as a friend and send you an invite to No Casino Gettysburg. Anyone else that has a facebook membership can click the following link and join: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=353665810098&ref=search&sid=1439569033.397050734..1 Thanks guys! We need your help! Violet Clark:D
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    A Casino at Gettysburg

    I have, but we are trying to spread the word to every Civil War related group that we can. The thoughts of this near any battlefield is horrible, and I fear that we are setting an ugly path in place for similar situations. Violet
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    A Casino at Gettysburg

    The historic town of Gettysburg is in peril. A local business owner is trying to obtain a license to build a casino on the site of the old Eisenhower Hotel and Convention Center. This site is less than 0.5 miles from Gettysburg National Military Park, on the Emmitsburg Road, which cuts directly through the field of Pickett's charge. If this is allowed to happen at Gettysburg, how long will it be before we see casinos on the banks of the Tennessee and the Cumberland? I don't want to look across the national cemetery at Shiloh and see a casino riverboat. We need your help! I have embraced this cause, and we need volunteers. Please consider joining in the fight today to protect hallowed ground! FACEBOOK - Please Join Today! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=353665810098&ref=ts www.nocasinogettysburg.org http://nocasinogettysburg.ning.com YouTube Site http://www.youtube.com/user/nocasinogettysburg
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    Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to check the group. Hope each of you have a wonderful holiday season! Violet
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    CWPT Photo Contest

    Thank you! The contest has helped me see that I need to get back to the basics of good comp. I've really enjoyed working with photo-editing software, but I'm ready to got out and shoot a good image first instead of fixing it later! Violet
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    Shiloh Photo

    Way to go! I love it! Violet
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    Shiloh Group on Facebook?

    Hey Perry: I've never really cared for it, either. However, the college that I teach at requested that we create a page, and use it announcements. That request became a requirement when I refused to do it. It's not so bad, I promise! Violet
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    Shiloh Group on Facebook?

    Shiloh DG members! Can anyone seem to find a Shiloh group page on Facebook? Also, are any of you members of Facebook? I've had a blast with it so far! Come by and visit me sometime! Violet Clark
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    CWPT Photo Contest

    Thanks Jim!