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  1. The adjutants' report for the 58th Illinois regt. states that the regiment was armed "with the most worthless arms " at Fort Donelson that had been cast aside by other troops. (flintlocks) . When disembarking at Pittsburg landing they "exchanged arms" so assuming that they had never fired their newer rifles at Shiloh until engaged.
  2. The "Memorandum from Prisoner of War Records" that I received from the National Archives show : Confined at Corinth, then confined at Tuscaloosa Ala. April 15/16/62, sent to Montgomery May 15th 62.. Copies of pay record are very poor. Indicate Camp Parole, yet Memorandum, which is nearly illegible, by magnifying, can now make out (I think), "present at bb mo. (Benton Barracks ? ) aug. 30/62 - on m r aug 18, 62. A lot of conflicting info, but now think that option 1 that you cited may be it. Thanks for the research Ozzy. Pat
  3. Good video, Ozzy. Most of my info on my ggpa comes from genealogy and national archives sources as he left nothing in writing or it was lost.. When he left camp Parole, he went back to his company in Cairo Ill. When he left there (apparently without authorization), the next record is his marriage in Illinois about 8 years later. He then went west in the late 1870's, settling in Nebraska and farming. He died there in 1929 at age 87. The next three generations of Farmers, including me, were born in Neb.
  4. Capt. Gregg is mentioned many times in the book "A perfect picture of hell, eyewitness accounts by Civil War prisoners from the 12th Iowa." The eyewitness accounts however in several cases mention John W. Gregg when I'm sure they mean Patrick. Other times he is referred to as Capt. Gregg, physician. Good book . Their captivity was not pleasant. Can only imagine what my Great Grandfather endured.
  5. Hank, He was pvt. Patrick J. Farmer of Company H from LaSalle county Illinois. I have a very limited record from National Archives, and very blurry pay record shows captured with Prentiss's surrender, then Corinth, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, then paroled through Camp Parole Md. Have not found an actual roster of any of those places with his actual name. Know he eventually went back to Cairo, made Cpl., then disappeared for 8 years.
  6. I'm Pat. Retired Marine. Live in NC. First visited Shiloh in the 70's while in NATTC Memphis. While doing Genealogy in the past few years, I discovered my great Grandfather fought at Fort Donelson and Shiloh with the 58th Illinois. So I made a few more trips and read many more books. Found GGpa patrick was captured with most of his regiment at the end of the first day, imprisoned at Corinth, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery before being paroled. Had the great pleasure this past month of doing a 3 day Civil War Tour led by Ed Bearss and Tim Smith. Certainly a great experience! Hope to learn much more from this group.
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