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  1. Here's one that's inconsistent with what I've been reading online-The flag pictured below is labelled online as the flag of the 154th Tennessee Senior Regiment, captured and recaptured at Shiloh. I don't where this flag is currently displayed. It appears to be one of the Henry Cassidy flags ordered from New Orleans by General Beauregard. The site confederateflags.org states that BRAGG'S Corps had previously been issued with the 1st order of these flags and fought under them at Shiloh. It FURTHER states that a SECOND order of these flags for Polk's Corps had not yet arrived when the army left Corinth and that POLK'S Corps fought the battle with their Polk battle flags. Just trying to zero in as much as I can on flags carried at Shiloh; Does anyone have further info on the "Cassidy" battle flag being carried by any of the units of Polk's Corps?
  2. And in the second pic, apparent violation of General Order #19 that Ozzy located, in that the regiment's battle honors have been placed on the NATIONAL flag....... VERY interesting stuff, Ozzy and Jim: Thanks very much for going through the efforts to locate this info!! I'm delighted to have found this discussion group!
  3. Makes sense....Great info, Ozzy, that makes we want to ask: In general, did US Regiments at Shiloh carry TWO standards, the National "Stars and Stripes" flag and a second Regimental flag, usually with the national Eagle on it? I'm going to take a close look at Hardee's book after reading your info, by the way-- Thanks! Chris
  4. Thanks for this tremendous response, Ozzy- I will look more into the individual regiments themselves. A general question: At this early point in the war, did Confederate regiments ever carry 2 standards (For example the old "Stars and Bars" PLUS a state flag or Corps Flag)? Also, interesting regarding the Louisiana State "Pelican" flag......
  5. In the You Tube video titled "Alone on the Left: The Desperate Stand of Stuart's Brigade at Shiloh", Park Ranger Chris Mekow states that the units of Bragg's Corps were carrying the 1st National Confederate Flag (The actual "Stars 'N' Bars") in a mistaken standard anecdote he relates. On the website confederateflags.org it gives an account of Bragg's troops in March of '62 being issued with "Cassidy" Army of Northern Virgina" style flags (Basically the well-known St. Andrew's Cross styled flag). I tend to lean toward the latter source, but would love if anyone could weigh in on this........
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