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  1. Interesting that on the first report (p 242) it is "At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon (Monday) a brilliant charge of General Grant, at the head of some fresh regiments, decided the fate of the day, which ended in a complete rout of the rebels." But the next report (p 258) it is "The battle was renewed early on Monday morning under the immediate command of Gen. Buell. His various divisions, under Generals Nelson, Crittenden, McCook, McClernand, Wallace and others, steadily drove back the enemy after a severe and bloody engagement."
  2. Jim - here are a few screenshots from my gps app showing where we hiked, with some added tags (I hope I got them right - if not someone will let us know). I included the elevations around Tilghman Branch since Tim asked about it.
  3. Ozzy noticed that Tony has uploaded his videos of the Epic Hike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LeGGxEr_-8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fSVhn6WQRk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYdCEoP0DMI&t=1307s
  4. It was truly EPIC! Thanks to Dr Tim and all who helped put it together!
  5. I show the 2nd manual as being written by Thos Worthington http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/11640670?selectedversion=NBD27608790
  6. Ha! - I'm at my dad's this week, and this morning I told him about these 2 cool books that I ordered last night ... he pointed over to one of his bookcases and showed me one of them (Tarnished Eagles).
  7. FWIW - the following year signalling was used regularly during the Vicksburg siege. Of course the topography and timeline was much different.
  8. Rbn3 - thanks. I read that Mrs Amigh was against Edwards, but haven't yet found anything concrete on his arrest. I would very much like to learn more about Ophelia, particularly during the war. If you have any sources you can point me to I would appreciate it. As far as Edwards - my take on him is that he must have been very gifted (elected to congress, professor of medicine, etc), but there was something about his personality prevented him from being able to work with/live with the same people for long. he kept moving here and there.... I'm glad you mentioned the Lincoln connection. it hadn't occurred to me that Edwards' stint in the House was the same as Abe's. Tim
  9. The situation with Thomas Edwards is not simple. I have not obtained enough info yet to flesh it out, but his resignation was tied to an arrest. I don't know what the arrest was for, but per an article printed in the Cedar Falls Gazette on 4/11/62 by "St Charles": Near Pittsburgh, Tennessee, March 27 1862 – .... Today surgeon Edwards was ordered under arrest, and I understand that he will have a speedy trial. Philo Chapman's diary (also March 27) mentions "Edwards & Darrow" - which I take to mean there was some event regarding the Surgeon and drum major George Darrow who may have been suffering from tuberculosis (if i interpret Chapman's earlier hints correctly, which is not easy). Chapman on the 31st writes: Old Edwards [Edwards was 52] lost his horse last night -- choked to death -- he & [Surgeon Daniel] cool are fighting again & the sick are neglected. Chapman announces on Apr 15 that Edwards resigned. "Old Edwards resigned [?] & gone Hurrah" On April 18 "St Charles" again wrote to the Gazette explaining: "Dr. Edwards is no longer a member of the Iowa third. He did not choose to stand trial and a proposition came from someone that he would resign if the charges were withdrawn. The resignation was sent in when the charges against him were withdrawn the resignation accepted and the doctor took his departure from Tennessee." (Gazette, May 2, 1862) Also, Edwards was treating soldiers between his arrest on 3/27 and when he left. Kellenbarger mentions him Monday, Apr 7 tying to find the minie ball in his shoulder "...probing around in the wound for some time and almost killing me...." ("The War Years") Tim J (pardon me if this is too much info for a minor event - on an old post)
  10. I know this is an old post, but I was digging around for info on the 3rd Iowa and came across this interesting tidbit about Turner Bailey (author of the diary this post is about). The diary ends when he loses his lower right arm at Jackson, MS. So I found what I thought was a reference to a photo of him in a list of items in the Wm. Oland Bourne Papers. So I excitedly search to see what is available digitally, and find that it wasn't a photo of Bailey, but rather a submission he made to a contest. A contest that William Oland Bourne sponsored, which awarded a total of $1,000 in prizes for the winning entries. And why would I find this interesting enough to post it to this august forum? The contest was a Left-hand Penmanship Contest for Soldiers and Sailors who lost their right hand in the Civil War. William O. Bourne Papers, List of Contributors to the LeftHanded Penmanship Contest, 1st Series 85. T. S. Bailey, Co. A, 3rd Iowa Infantry, Jackson, Mississippi, 7/12/1863 [date of the injury] I don't know if Bailey won anything, nor is his entry one of those available online, but it brought a big grin to my face when I realized what it was. What a great idea to raise the morale of the injured vets. Tim https://www.loc.gov/collections/wm-oland-bourne-papers/about-this-collection/
  11. thanks - I'm sure I will be picking your collective brains. I am already chasing down some leads from earlier posts that mentioned the 3d Iowa and ordered a couple more books. The depth of knowledge on this site is impressive. I visited Shiloh with my dad a few years ago (along with Hatchie's Bridge and Corinth), when he was back here for a visit, but it was before I had gotten into the book and we did not have much time. I plan on coming back across the state for a closer look. I hope to be able to do the hike in November. Tim
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