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  1. My great grand uncle Benjamin Dean was also there in H Company 16th Wisconsin. Maybe they knew each other? Good to see what the unit uniforms looked like.
  2. Dean

    Hi from Montreal Canada

    Thank you all for your kind responses. For reasons I'm not aware Benjamin Dean is not reburied in Andersonville National Cemetery. My guess is that he was buried without name in a mass grave in Macon Georgia and/or was mislabeled. I sent a letter to the Dept of Vet Affairs inquiring for his whereabouts. I'm certain they have resources not available to simple Google searches I've been using thus far. Thanks again everyone and must say I enjoy this forum website quite a bit and all the rich information that has been placed in here. Cheers
  3. Greetings from Montreal. My name is Bradford Dean and I only just begun researching my family history on my father's side who were for the most part farmers with large families. My great great grandfather Henry Dean was born in Newfoundland and moved to Maine, then moved again to Wisconsin, Portage county, where he had 8 children, the first born Benjamin was 18 in the census of 1860. As many young farmers in Wisconsin he answered the call for volunteers by the new President Abraham Lincoln. Benjamin volunteered into the 16th Wisconsin regiment, company H. He took part in the battle of Shiloh and was reported missing April 6. He was taken prisoner and was held in Macon Georgia where he died shortly thereafter in August 4. Quite probably he died of disease. His grave is as yet unknown to me and I have to wonder how hard the news must have been for his parents or even if they knew where to find his remains. I've read the battle of Shiloh as of yesterday with special attention given to the fate of the Wis 16th where my great grand uncle fought and bled among those who still remained in Prentiss' withering division all of whom he must have regarded as his friends. His younger brother Alexander of 3 years, my great grandfather, could not have remembered him. In fact no one mentioned we had a civil war combatant when growing up. Maybe his loss was too painful to mention by his immediate family. I'm grateful nevertheless to learn about him and perhaps to be able to be the first to locate his grave and pay homage and to thank him for his service.
  4. Thank you Ozzie, this is very helpful information that I never would have known how to access on my own. I intend to visit him this year. Cheers!
  5. Hello all, My initial search for a long lost great uncle in the civil war brought me here. His name is Benjamin L Dean and he was listed as a volunteer with H company of the 16th Wisconsin Regiment. The regimental diary listed him as missing on April 6 and deceased Aug 4th, 1862 in Macon Georgia. There was a prison Camp in Ogelthorpe Macon Georgia which leads me to believe he was taken prisoner and died in captivity. Fate of prisoners on both sides were terrible from what I had read. Where would war prisoners be buried if I were to go and pay my respects?
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