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  1. Happy Birthday, Mona!
  2. Ozzy, Unfortunately, I've not come across a photo or illustration of the Mickey House. Kevin
  3. If it's OK, I'd like to plug a newer edition of Wright's Reminiscences that may be of interest as well. It contains new materials and an index that the original lacks. This is especially useful for looking up surnames. http://braybreepublishing.com/books/reminiscences/
  4. I'm looking forward to a new Shiloh title!
  5. Thank you, Perry and Tony, for sharing these videos for those of us who couldn't be there. I enjoyed listening to Tim's narrative and thoughts on Johnston and the battle.
  6. You have it right, Mona. I found mention in the McNairy County Independent in 1903 of talking about reburying him at Shiloh National Cemetery, but it never happened. I'd like to know more about his postwar life, including his time as circuit court judge. That will likely be in a future book though.
  7. It doesn't make it right, but then again, there's not a lot about war--especially the guerrilla type warfare waged in parts of West TN and north MS--that was "right." Hurst was imprisoned at least three times in late '61 and early '62 by Confederate authorities and was close to being hanged for "Union insurrectionary" activities. This was all before he organized the 6th TN Cavalry. There's no doubt he and his men did a lot of wrong things, but there was plenty to go around on both sides.
  8. Fielding Hurst is definitely a polarizing figure in West Tennessee. Atrocities were committed against soldiers and civilians on both sides throughout the war. How you view Hurst and his cavalry likely depends on which side your ancestors fought.
  9. kmccann


    Hey, I got them all right! #5 had me stumped and I answered it last. Thanks for the link!
  10. That's great news, Mona! Where exactly is it located?
  11. Thank you to everyone for your great advice on necessities for the hikes. My 11-year-old son and I braved the first three before calling it a day by noon on the 6th to make the 2-hour drive back home. We enjoyed the programs and especially enjoyed the opportunity for guided tours in areas off the beaten path from the standard park driving tour. The bug spray and sunscreen came in handy! The best part for us was the Federal reconnaissance patrol hike to Fraley Field at 5:30 AM. Wish we could do the tours on the 7th, but maybe we can go next year.
  12. Thank you for the responses so far! I'm making a checklist so I remember what to bring. Anyone from the group going to be there? I'm sure Mona will!
  13. I'm hoping to make it to Shiloh on the 6th for the early morning anniversary hike and spend the day going to parts of the battlefield I've read about but never seen. My 11-year-old son is coming with me, and he's very excited about it. (I've planned on coming to previous hikes, but something always seemed to keep me from doing it. Hopefully I'll make it to this one!) I know I should bring a backpack with some essentials (bottled water, snacks), but is there anything else I should bring? Or offer any advice for a first-time battlefield hiker? Thanks! Kevin
  14. kmccann

    Shiloh hike

    Hi Mona, What's the itinerary for the hike? What part(s) of the battlefield? Thanks! Kevin
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