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  1. Thanks Ron. Dennis in Richmond
  2. dwmadison


    Reading in Vol. 10 of the OR Report #222- Captain Harper of the Jefferson Mississippi Battery mention a U.S. gun moved on their right The Confederates concentrated their fire on it and destroyed it. Does anyone know what battery this gun belonged to. Dennis in Richmond
  3. Please put my name in for the drawing Dennis in Richmond
  4. Add my name to the drawing Dennis in Richmond
  5. Add my name to the drawing Dennis in Richmond
  6. dwmadison


    Has anyone read B F Lathrop's " A Confederate Artilleryman at Shioh" article in Civil War History in the Dec. 1962 issue? Visiting the Library of Virginia on Friday to read it and other things and wondering everyone's opinion. Dennis in Richmond
  7. Ron very interesting information. Sometimes it seems that the officers of artillery units took heavy losses during engagements. Dennis in Richmond
  8. Thanks Ron and Perry. I just got a copy of Witham's "Shiloh Shells and Artillery Units" and Hughes "The Pride of the Confederate Artillery" I am now expanding my study of artillery units to the western area. Looking forward to any discussions on artillery and will try to add my two cents worth them. Once again thanks for all the information. Dennis in Richmond Va.
  9. My question is other than Larry Daniel's Cannoneers in Gray what others books cover the artillery at Shioh?
  10. Ron Never give up on the book. I have been researching the Army of Northern Virginia and its artillery for 15 years or so. Everytime I think I have seen it all I get to visit another historical society or someone lets me know what they have in their collections. If there is anything I can help with from Richmond Virginia let me know. Dennis in Tichmond
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