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  1. HI, Ozzy. I don't mean to be picking on you as a contact, but you are the one I have interacted with the most. I spent yesterday afternoon organizing my family ancestors who were at Shiloh. On the Union side is the 55th Illinois. Stuart's brigade.My family member is Thaddeus H. Capron in Co. C. As I said before, he is my aunt's grandfather. This aunt married my mother's younger brother. Thad is an interesting fellow and while I know a fair amount about him, there is still a lot for me to learn. Also on the Union side is the 19th Ohio. Co. B. My ancestor here is Issac Davis whose relationship to me I don't know. I never mastered that part of genealogy. He survived Shiloh but died in a hospital in Nashville, Tenn (March '63) two months after Stone's River. Off the subject, but three members of my Roundtable, myself and two more, each have an ancestor in the 19th Ohio On the Confederate side I have three , and possibly four(I have not found records on the fourth one) ancestors in the 15th Mississippi. All were in Co. B. They are: Jackson G. Davis, William P. Davis, Charles J. Davis. Also one in the 21st Alabama. Co. E. His name is Henry Graves Davis. The fate of my Confederate ancestors is unknown to me at this time. Thanks for your time. Jim
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    Hi. I live in Tempe, Arizona I have been a student of the CW for 30 years. I have eight ancestors who fought for the Federals and a whole lot more for the Confederacy. Shiloh is one of many battles in which I have an interest. I am a member of the Scottsdale, Arizona CWRT, Battlefield Trust, Civil War Talk. I look forward to learning more about Shiloh
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