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  1. Maybe it was the very fact that McClellan DIDN'T press his advantage on the first day that gave Lee his confidence. I can just see the meeting in Lee's tent that evening - at least one of his generals had to have said "he had us whipped, general, and we STILL beat him!"
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    Taken in 2006
  3. Nice post Perry. I think there's a very simple answer to your question: it was personal. Wait, wait, let me explain! It wasn't personal in that Lee held any enmity for McLellan or vice versa; it was personal in that Lee knew his enemy. Commanders have been advised to "know your enemy" from the Bible on down. McLellan ALWAYS thought he was outnumbered. He was tentative. He was plodding. A great organizer, sure; few would disagree that he built a first-rate army out of the shaken remnants of Manassas. But he was not a mover. Sure, Lee gambled - but he was pretty sure that McLellan would refuse the bet.
  4. Heh, if there's anything politicians and generals are good at, it's writing the rules to be sufficiently vague!
  5. Well, the real difference is of course that Johnston died, and the story of his death is one of those bigger than life ACW stories, full of that quiet southern tragedy that movie makers just love. Once the story of his death was spread he would inevitably be the greatest southern general in the west.
  6. Happy Birthday! I will not involve myself in the sports thing...
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    Glad to have you here Wayne. Mtalplacido is right, these people know things that they have no business knowing! I took my son to Shiloh as well, after visiting my ggg uncle's grave in St Louis. It was a wonderful, meaningful trip that I hope to make again some day.
  8. I really liked Daniels' book. Of all the books I've read, including Foote's 3 volume narrative, I liked his the best. I have Cunningham's book, but I haven't read it yet.
  9. Ha! Tell you what Mike, if I ever get the chance we'll meet in the Hornet's Nest and shake hands, and we can end all the strife in this country!
  10. Thanks to all! I'll listen for that volley, though at my age it may be dangerous! Although, thinking about it, I would be unlikely to hear it unless I was actually in contact with the barrel.
  11. Very interesting. I had forgotten the story of Johnny Clem.
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    AH, hahahaha! Excellent picture. I was in the USAF also, Jim. Don't these people realize they can fight a war sitting down?
  13. Hello fellow descendant of the brave Iowans! My gg uncle was in the 12th Iowa. He was from Calmar, Iowa. Welcome!
  14. [user=29]Wrap10[/user] wrote: Amen, brother. If I see another Larry the Cable Guy marathon I am going to push my TV over. I count on the History Channel to do history, and I expect it to be factual. Drama is okay, as long as it's accurate, or at the very least representational of actual events. I better end this rant now, or I'll really get cooking!
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