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Found 1 result

  1. One aspect of David W. Reed -- Father of Shiloh NMP -- that many do not realize, is that he had a younger brother, who also served in an Iowa regiment. This brother died of disease while serving in Tennessee; but for many years, his burial site was unknown. After the war ended, Major Reed spent years attempting to track the site of his brother's grave... and eventually found the answer... only to learn that Corporal Reed's body had been moved from its original location, to another site. And the grave was no longer marked with a name, but a number. Major Reed communicated with Federal Cemetery officials, and after a while, the number was decoded, and Corporal Reed's grave site was identified. In 1895, Major Reed was finally able to mark his brother's grave with a headstone... but the name was misspelled. Having expended an extraordinary amount of time in the endeavor, already; and realizing other members of the Reed Family would be able to locate the marked grave, in spite of the misspelled name, DW Reed brought his efforts in the matter to an end. The question: in which cemetery relatively close to Pittsburg Landing is David W. Reed's brother buried? Ozzy Bonus Points: What was Corporal Reed's first name? At what town in Tennessee was he originally buried? How is Corporal Reed's name misspelled?
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