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Perry Cuskey

Back from the Park

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Hi folks,

Got back from Shiloh earlier this evening. Had a great time on the anniversary hikes, and somehow managed to get through them without twisting a knee or spraining an ankle. As Dan and anyone else who was there will attest, we covered some ground. Tramping across fields, plunging into undergrowth, navigating our way up and down ravines, dodging thorny bushes, jumping small streams...and that was just in the first five minutes. :)

Seriously, it was a great weekend, and we certainly got our exercise. Got to meet Dan - Rebel18623 - and the two of us had a fine time doing our level best to keep up with the fleet-footed rangers leading us around the park. One of the things I learned this weekend, in fact, is that I'm a terribly slow walker. Even when I feel like I'm walking fast enough to qualify as nearly running. I'm afraid I would not have made a good Civil War solider on the march. But, I did always manage to straggle my way to the end of the hike.

I'll post an overview of my experiences later in the week. Hopefully Dan will do the same. (Hint!) But for now I'll just say this - the hikes are certainly worthwhile. You do cover some ground and you cover it pretty rapidly. You do indeed get your exercise. But you also have some outstanding guides, and you learn some valuable information about the battle and the park. And as promised on the NPS web site for Shiloh, you get to see areas of the park that most folks never get out to. All in all it's a hard combination to beat.


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