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The Mississippi Requisition for 7,000 troops

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More research has mentioned the requisition for 7,000 additional troops from the state of Mississippi. This requisition was made on the state about late March 1862 and was authorized by the War Department in Richmond, who issued special authority for this call for troops. Uner this call, twelve regiments of troops were raised and were sent to six mustering centers. The regiments were the;

number Type City where Commander


28th cavalry Jackson P B Starke

29th infantry Corinth E C Walthall

30th infantry Corinth G F Neill

31st infantry Saltillo J A Orr

32nd infantry Corinth Mark Lowrey

33rd infantry Grenada D W Hurst

34th infantry Corinth Samuel Benton

35th infantry West Point W S barry

36th infantry Corinth J D Brown

37th infantry Columbus Robt McLain

38th infantry Jackson F W Adams

39th infantry Jackson W B shelby

Also raised was Balfour's Infantry Battalion at Meridan and Gordon's Cavalry Battalion at Columbus. The plan for these two battalions was to raise them as a battalion and later fill them out to a regiment. The 31st Mississippi Regiment was formed in March 1862 using the 6th Mississippi Infantry Battalion, (Orr's Battalion) as the nucleus of the new regiment. The 33rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment was raised, using the 3rd Mississippi Infantry Battalion as the nucleus. This battalion was the battalion commanded by Colonel A B Hardcastle and saw combat at the Battle of Shiloh.

The regiments raised in corinth did not have their full complement of men and in fact, never reached their full strength. They were not fully formed or equipped and were untrained. They may have been considered as part of the garrison of Corinth. Among the new regimental commanders were no less than four future confederate generals, Lowrey, Starke, Walthall and Samuel Benton. The 32nd was mentioned in a earlier post called, Additional Mississippi Regiment.;.

These new regiments will add to knowledge of what the confederates were doing in the Corinth area other than the operations of the army in the Shiloh Campaign.


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I was just thinking about creating a thread about the Garrison left behind at Corinth during the Battle of Shiloh... and I see this.. lol

Nice info.. where did you dig up and find this info??? I love Links...


I was thinking and maybe some people have some views on it.... 

Of course leaving the able regiments at Corinth to serve as garrison... would it have been practical for Johnston to bring the un-armed men with him to Shiloh say under the command of someone like a provost marshal to organize it, to collect the supplies, ammo, rifles, wagons, cannons.. whatever of use from the federal camps and take them back to Corinth during the fighting at Shiloh... Was this sort of rear area operation ever considered or thought of.. and would it have even been worth doing????



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