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Perry Cuskey

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[b:94224a2fc6]1. Shiloh National Military Park - [/b:94224a2fc6]The official National Park Service web site for the park. Great place to gain an overview of the battle, learn more about the park, or to start planning a visit. Among other things the site has a searchable database - the Monument Location System - for locating monuments and markers on the field. You can usually see a close-up of the plaque or monument.

The site also contains an online version of the 1955 National Park Service handbook on the battle, as well as the 1913 reprint of D.W. Reed's 1902 manuscript. Some of the information in both would now be considered a somewhat outdated, but both are still worth reading. The 1955 handbook, especially, is a very quick read and gives a good general overview. Reed's earlier book is more indepth. Reed was a participant in the battle, and secretary/historian of the original commission charged with developing the newly created park.

[b:94224a2fc6]2. 2007 Reenactment[/b:94224a2fc6] - Web site for information on the March 2007 reenactment of Shiloh. If you want to attend you'll need to make plans quickly - the event is set for March 16th, 17th, and 18th. The location is between the national park and Corinth. See the map on the web site.

[b:94224a2fc6]3. David Morton Stanley's Eyewitness Account -[/b:94224a2fc6] Here is the interesting first-person account of Shiloh written by David Morton Stanely, the famous 19th Century explorer. Stanely was a Confederate soldier at the time of the battle, his notoriety still several years in the future. Captured at Shiloh, the young Stanely switched sides and for a short time wore Union blue. His account of Shiloh is reproduced here courtesy of eyewitnesstohistory.com.

[b:94224a2fc6]4. Civilwaralbum.com[/b:94224a2fc6] - This impressive site contains modern-day photographs of numerous war-related sites, from the very famous to the virtually unknown. Brief descriptions are also usually included. The link above takes you to their album on Shiloh.

[b:94224a2fc6]5. battleofshiloh.net[/b:94224a2fc6] - One of the most comprehensive sites on the web for information pertaining to the battle. You'll want to visit this site.

[b:94224a2fc6]6. Timothy Smith, Myth Buster[/b:94224a2fc6] - On this site, courtesy of thehistorynet.com, you can read the complete, reproduced text of historian Timothy B. Smith's magazine article on Shiloh myths from the May 2006 issue of [i:94224a2fc6]America's Civil War[/i:94224a2fc6]. That article, in turn, was taken from Smith's recent book titled [i:94224a2fc6]The Untold Story of Shiloh: The Battle and the Battlefield[/i:94224a2fc6].

[b:94224a2fc6]7. Harper's Weekly on Shiloh[/b:94224a2fc6] - The folks that run this wonderful site have digitally reproduced every Civil War issue from the famous 19th Century magazine [i:94224a2fc6]Harper's Weekly[/i:94224a2fc6]. It's like reading the original right on your computer screen. The link above takes you to the April 26th, 1862 issue, which describes the battle of Shiloh starting halfway down the far right column. Earlier issues report on events leading up to the battle, such as the fall of forts Henry and Donelson. But in addition to the Shiloh related articles, be sure and visit as much of this web site as you can. Courtesy of sonofthesouth.net.

[b:94224a2fc6]8. Century Magazine[/b:94224a2fc6] - Here you can read four original articles on Shiloh from the February 1885 issue of Century Magazine, a popular publication of the era. The first article is U.S. Grant's description of the battle, followed by articles by William Preston (Albert Sidney's son), Thomas Jordon, a staff officer to Beauregard during the battle, and Fitz John Porter, a former Union general.

[b:94224a2fc6]9. Civil War Battlefield Photographs: Shiloh[/b:94224a2fc6] - Run by our fellow board member Allan Goodall, this web site has several excellent photo albums on various battlefield parks, with still more on the way. Each album is organized using a modern-day map of the respective park, with the various photos linked to the area of the map to which they correspond. Detailed captions are included with the photos. Very nice job here, and worth a visit.

[b:94224a2fc6]10. Civil War Landscapes: Shiloh[/b:94224a2fc6] - Detailed maps, pictures, descriptions, first-hand accounts...you name it, this site seems to have it. It's hard to say what the best part of this site is since it's all so well done. If you're planning a visit to the park though, seriously consider printing out the maps you'll find here and bring them with you. Some of the best and most detailed I think I've ever seen. My thanks to board member Rebel18623 for bringing this outstanding web site to my attention.

Note - more web sites will be posted here shortly. In the meantime if you know of some yourself, feel free to click on the New Topic link below, and tell us about it.


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