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Thesis "The Confederate High Command at Shiloh

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Major Thomas K Hall wrote for his thesis, "The Confederate High Command at Shiloh" in 1995 as a requirement for his degree from the US Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Levenworth, Kansas. You can find this report at www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA331861 and it concerns the command structure and the high officers of the Confederate Army of the Mississippi that General Albert S Johnston led to the Battle of Shiloh. Some of this report is familiar to the knowledgeable members of this discussion group. There is some new views on some certain subjects by the author. However, there are a few errors such as the Order of Battle in the appendix beginning on page 88 are the same uncorrected order-of-battles that appear in most of the current books. These contain errors such as Bain's Battery shown as present when it was still in Cornith and other errors of units not present. A serious error appears on pages 48-49 in the narration of Stephens Brigade. The brigade was not sent ot guard along Lick Creek but instead was along the Purdy road, east of the Eastern Corinth Road about to make a charge against the Hornets Nest. This was to be the first charge against the Hornets Nest coming up from the Daniel Davis Wheatfield shortly after 10 AM. This brigade was never assigned to guard the Lick Creek, that was the 19th Tennessee, a battalion of the 1st Tennessee Provisional and Forrest's Cavalry Regiment all commanded by Colonel George Maney of the 1st Tennessee. I am still reading and there may be more errors to highlight.

Its worth the read, enjoy

Ron. .

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