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Fort Heiman

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With the approaching 150th Anniversary of the River campaign against Forts Donelson and Henry, lets not overlook Fort Heiman. Construction started only in the winter of 1861/62, long after the construction of Forts Henry and Donelson was started . Fort Heiman was designed to help close the Tennessee River as it sited directly across the river from Fort Henry. Fort Henry is in Tennessee, although it is under water because the TVA flooded it under. Fort Heiman is in Kentucky and it was to solve some of the problems of Fort Henry such as bad location, too low on the water and the site was subject to flooding. During the battle for Fort Henry, Fort Heiman was in an uncomolete stage of construction with few guns mounted. The confederate field battery commanded by Captain Walter O Crain of Tennessee with only three guns, was rushed across the river to Fort Heiman to help man the fort. The union forces put some federal troops ashore to advance on the fort which they found abandoned. The confederate troops from Fort Heiman retreated down the west bank of the Tennessee River all the way to Corinth and Eastport Mississippi. Crain's Battery was disbanded and Capt Crain fought at Shiloh as a private being severly wounded. He later joined the rebel navy.

You can do a google search on Fort Heiman and learn about the recent events at this location. Most of the fort is now a subdivison but a few trenches remain


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