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For a start, try "Peabody at Shiloh, A Short Study of Courage and Injustice" by Carlton L. Smith. A small book written in 1983 and in a third printing. Self published by the author. Try a google search for this hard to find book. Colonel Everett Peabody was of the family of Peabody's that later formed on April 1, 1865, eight days befroe the end of the civil war, the firm Kidder, Peabody & Co., an investment brokerage. The founders were Col. Peabody's brothers Francis, and Oliver and Henry P Kidder. It is believed that if Colonel Peabody survived the civil war, he would have been the fourth partner of the firm. Oliver Peabody also served in the war, see the 45th Massachusetts Infantry.


P S, I bought the book at the Shiloh book store, Eastern Natiuonal may have it on their web site.

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Sharon....basically, what Ron said. :)

To the best of my knowledge, Carlton Smith's book is the only biography about Peabody. It's pretty small at only about 56 pages, but it will give you a good feel for Peabody. The bookstore at Shiloh usually carries it, unless they've run out. I'm guessing they'll have a supply on hand for the anniversary.

Rumor has it that someone may be working on a new bio of Peabody. :)


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