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Hike Prepardness

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Grandpa has touched on this regarding the reenactments, but it's never a bad idea to make sure you come reasonably prepared for either the reenactment of your choice, and/or the anniversary hikes the following weekend. The reenactments are just one week away now, and the anniversary just a week after that. The darn things are just about here.

If you're going either weekend, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on the weather. Here's a couple of sites you can use, pre-set to Savannah Tennessee....

The Weather Channel 10-day forecast -


AccuWeather 15-day forecast. You'll need to scroll down the page a bit, then click on the April link to see the second week. That is, until next weekend. :)....


Both sites are calling for mid to upper 70's for the reenactment weekend with possible showers. And even though it's still two weeks out and very much subject to change, the AccuWeather folks are predicting low 70's and rain for the anniversary weekend.

You never know what you might get. During a break in the 2007 hikes, Dan, Steve, and I were having lunch at Shaw's when we looked out the window, and darned if it wasn't snowing. Didn't last long, but there it was.

I doubt we'll get snow this time, but rain is certainly a possibility. So be prepared for it, just in case. If you've got some kind of rain boots, you might think about bringing them along, especially if they're still calling for rain as the dates get closer.

Even if it doesn't rain, spraying your boots or shoes with water repellent isn't a bad idea. Especially if you're going on the Dawn Patrol hike, or for that matter if you'll be out in the park early in the day anytime that weekend. Ditto for bringing along an extra pair of dry socks. Just in case.

You might also want to think about bringing along bug spray and/or tick repellent. And a hat for the sunroof equipped among us such as myself. Just in case it doesn't rain. :)

And I'd definitely suggest some kind of hiking boot, or at least some kind of outdoor footwear that covers your ankles. Not because I'm fashion conscious, but because Shiloh is basically a sprained ankle waiting to happen. Uneven ground is not the exception there. It's the hardcore rule.

Backpacks are always a good option once you're out in the park, in part because you'll be incredibly hard pressed to find any food or drink dispensers out in the woods or ravines. Because there ain't any. :) Once you leave the visitors center area, you're on your own.

In fact, if this will be your first time to the park, and you're more used to a park like Gettysburg or Vicksburg, with the usual amenities of a town basically right there, Shiloh is going to be a little different. You've probably heard that it's somewhat isolated. You heard right.

There are vending machines in the visitors center area, but one way or another, you'll probably want to make sure you bring along something to drink and snack on when you head out into the park. Or at the least, make sure you have something in your car.

Oh, and one other thing. Bring your camera. You'll have lots of use for it. :)


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Perry, your faith in weather seems to be a little stronger than mine. They have trouble predicting tomorrow's weather around here, let alone a week and even two in the future.

I was given the above warnings in 2009. Y'all forgot to mention sunblock. This old Yankee snowflake skin lit up like the taillights on an eighteen wheeler.


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Remember to hydrate BEFORE any walking or marches, etc. Drinking at least 2 quarts of water the night before will do the trick. Better to pee in the woods than pass out in the woods.

Also, for those who don't live down in this neck of the woods. Bugs and pollen are out MUCH earlier than normal due to the warm winter we had. We don't normally see this much pollen and this much bug activity for several more weeks in a normal spring down here. It is already like mid-April down here rather than late March, so bug spray and allergy meds are a must.


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Good suggestions, Stan.

The Accuweather folks are calling for mid-80's this weekend, with a possibility of thunderstorms in the area on Saturday. But as for next week, it's been all over the place. One day they were saying mid-70's and sunny most of the time, then they were saying low to mid-60's with a good chance of rain on the 5th and 6th I think it was. Now they're saying mid-70's to around 80, and sunny.

Pick a forecast, any forecast.....


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