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Civil War Trust Shiloh Map

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The CWT has released a new video on Shiloh, complete with an animated map, on their web site. You'll definitely want to check it out, below. A big thank you goes out to Eileen (Manassas Belle) for bringing the video to my attention. Thanks Belle!

The video, which is actually a series of videos, I believe is produced by the same people who did the new visitors center film, and is somewhat similar to that film but not identical. They also use footage from the recent reenactment as part of the video.

The animated maps they use are excellent, and will give you a great feel for the way in which the battle evolved. A couple of quick notes about the maps - When the map first appears on the "Mid Morning" segment of the video, pause it for a moment and look at the distribution of the Confederate army. It's a key moment in the video, to me, showing how they have over-committed to the left. Also, the segment showing the Hornet's Nest being surrounded, the narrator refers to the southerners being drawn there "like a magnet." A phrase that Ron has used on here several times. So I'm thinking they should be giving him credit. :)

Here's the video. Once it starts, it will continue through each segment automatically, although you can pause it by simply clicking on the video itself....


Also, here is their new preservation page on Shiloh, with information about the 491 acres they're attempting to acquire on the southeast edge of the park....



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