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Johnston's Death Site.

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Found two articles in the Confederate Veteran, Volume III, No. 3, pages 75 to 77 about early work on the birth of the Shiloh Battlefield Park. This article is of the time before Col Cadle and Maj Reid. Col E T Lee was in charge with Capt James Irwin until Cadle, Reid replaced them. It is interesting to notice that the Confederate Veteran Magazine began publishing at the same time as the birth of the battlefield parks. The public interest in the parks created the Confederate Veteran.

A nice article about on General Albert Sidney Johnston on pages 81 to 87. A rare drawing of the original Shiloh Church appears showing the church as it appeared at the time of the battle. The owner of the drawing was Col. W W Ferguson who drew it in his sketch book and still owned it in 1895. Said to be the only drawing in existenance. Most interesting in this article were two pictures of Johnston's death site. The Johnston Tree is mentioned as not being the original tree which died as was replaced by the wife of the property owner before the land was purchased by the Government. She was Mrs. Perry Cantrell, the former Nancy Cunningham. Her husband was Perry Cantrell.

First question is: Who was Perry Cantrell? Cannot find a person with this name. Checked a couple of census, 1860, 1890. A tidbit in the Confederate Veteran makes me believe he was Oliver Hazard Perry Cantrell, (O H P Cantrell), the age fits the time frame. If so, he was the son of James and Eunice Cantrell who owned the frame house below the intersection of the River and Purdy Roads. This is where Doctor Irwin set up the first tent hospital in army history (MASH unit).

Second question who was Nancy Cantrell? Checked the census for her and she does not appear except a on-line hint suggests she came from McNairy County.

Correction; Her maiden name was Nancy Cunningham.

Third Question is, was this the property east of the River road that contained both the Johnston Tree and the ravine where he died?

This is also the property D K Smith is asking about in the forum Then and Now, in the Visiting Shiloh- A place of piece forum.

Is my information correct?


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