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Tony Willoughby

William "Bull" Nelson at Shiloh Tour with Tim Smith (video)

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I came upon these videos posted on Youtube and they were an absolute pleasure to watch! Must of been so much fun to of retraced the exact path's of so many great warriors that day @ Shiloh, along with listening to a fantastic author and speaker in Timothy Smith, how great that must have been.

I always search for new videos and literature on Shiloh to simply learn more and more about the Battle itself and tactics that took place through it all. I wish I knew the vast majority of facts that Dr. Smith and others know, but I'm eventually getting there, and for now just enjoying learning all I can.

Having moved to Nashville about 5 years ago, I've been to the Battlefield itself a couple times, but have never had an in depth tour of the grounds, hopefully soon I'll be able to make it back there.

Glad I found the videos and about this discussion group! Cheers!

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Welcome to the group. :)

If you have the chance, the anniversary hikes in April are a great way to get a detailed look at the park and the battle. Chances are we will also do something like this again with the SDG, as it received pretty rave reviews from everyone. Our tramp around the park with Tim was more in-depth than what the anniversary hikes usually do, especially our Cleburne hike, but the anniversary hikes are still excellent, and I highly recommend them.

I've also been remiss in not thanking Tony for posting this video. So big-time thanks, Tony!


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