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Tony Willoughby

Shiloh Park History with Tim Smith

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Ha, good stuff Tony. And yes, we weren't done quite yet. We did the Last Charge of the Flashlight Brigade to end the day with a dark, limping, sore-muscles flourish!

Tim does a great job though, which is why I think everyone wanted to do this again. Thanks for being our videographer, Tony. We do appreciate your doing this, and putting the videos up here for us. It's a big help in remembering everything, and my legs enjoy just sitting here for a change! ;)


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DK, Tim had told us about a post-war powder magazine located out in the park that none of us had previously known about. That's what we went to snoop for after we left the CCC camp. And for the record, everyone came along, even though it was already dark when we got out there, and we'd been hiking around the park all day. We had some dedicated (and curious) folks.

Unfortunately we weren't able to find the magazine. It had been a while since Tim had been out to where it was, it was dark, we were in the middle of the woods wandering around some ravines with flashlights and cell phones doubling as flashlights, and we just didn't have any luck finding it. (At one point Tim had us wait together in one spot while he went searching. There were a few jokes about him heading back to his car and leaving us to wander around in the woods after dark.. But, he didn't. :) We could have found our way out anyway. Probably. I think.)

Tim said that it was possible that the magzine had been broken up and washed away by a heavy rain at some point. But, it still might be there. Next time I over there, I'll be hunting around for it, just to see what might turn up.


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