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Polk's Corps Hospital

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In responce to Robert Webb's question General Polk's corps hospital posted in the post "First Hand Account". I have come upon more information. A corps hospital was established during the evening hours of Saturday, April 5th near where the corps stood in battleline formation, in reserve behind the army. Although Polk's Corps was in this mentioned area, it seems the hospital was set up further back. Doctor Lyles was the Corps surgeon in charge of the hospital and his report contains much information about the hospital. It was located near the site of the Battle of Fallen Timbers and may have been a reason why Forrest attacked the advancing Union army, to keep them away from the hospital. The hospital was visible from the site of the battle. Several hundred wounded soldiers of both armies were treated under the care of the confederate doctors. This is also the site where about 30 soldiers are buried who died of their wounds. While doing his duties on Tuesday April 8th, a union officer fired a pistol bullet at the hospitalto which Dr Lyles objected to the officer and refused to surrender to him. The good doctor did surrender the hospital to a better behaving union officer and received kind considerations from the union army. Their care of union wounded may have acted in their favor. Confederate cavalry recaptured the hospital and the doctors, staff and wounded were sent on to Corinth. A few wounded, unable to make the trip back and some wounded union soldiers were left behind under the care of a confederate doctor. These men were sent back to Shiloh for treatment by union doctors.

I believe this location is close enough to the Bark Road/Western Cornith Road intersection and is considered the Corps Hospital of the First Corps that you ask about. I also believe that any group of wounded closer to the front were probably a collection of wounded which were removed for care and safety, one of the many small groups. Doctor William D Lyles's Official Report is in Volume X, page 412-3 in which he states "I am still supporting a hospital in the field", this was written on April 17th, 1862.

Hope this helps


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Good post, Ron. It makes sense that the hospital site mentioned in the account would probably have been the one near the Fallen Timbers site, especially if it was established prior to the battle. Nice find.


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