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Mona informs me that there will be a special program at the visitors center this Saturday (Feb. 16th) on the CCC Camp. Those of you with us on our day with Tim Smith last November remember our excursion to their camp site of course. I don't know if this program will include a trip to the camp site, but if you're in the area on Saturday, the program starts at the visitors center at 2:00. Stop by and check it out. And if you do, tell us about it here!

Someone may have already shared this, can't remember unfortunately, but Mona also said that the eagles have started nesting, although they can't yet tell if there are any eggs or not. As many of you probably know, the eagles have moved to a new location inside the park. Where before they were over on the edge of Cloud Field next to the tour road, they have now built a new nest in a tree out in Stacy Field, across from the Confederate memorial. You'll know you're at the right spot when you see a somewhat out-of-place looking split-rail fence near some trees, out in the middle of the field. :)


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Shiloh NMP FB page, 02/13/2013:

"Did you know that the female bald eagle is larger than the male? This holds true for all raptor species, which includes hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls.

Hiram and Julia are tidying up the nest. Picture was taken Monday, February 11, 2013. Provided courtesy of the National Park Service.

16 days until hatching, and counting!!!"

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