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Then & Now - Pittsburg Landing

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Here's another then and now set, this time of Pittsburg Landing itself, and involving an early-day park image by photographer Albert Kern. The original is undated, but was probably taken sometime between 1895 and 1910. As mentioned before, the original images from Albert Kern's collection belong to the Dayton Historical Society, and cannot be used elsewhere without their permission. We can't reproduce them here on the board, but we can link to them on the Dayton History site. Here's the link to the original Kern image of Pittsburg Landing....


And here's my modern-day equivilent, from April 2013...


Obviously things are radically different today around the landing than they were 100+ years ago. Big surprise. ;) Several interesting things to me about these two photos though. Maybe the most interesting thing is that it appears the landing area was wider in the earlier photograph than it looks to be today. Look over the right half of the two images, and you'll see what I'm referring to. Unless it's just my imagination. There also appears to be what looks like a small path on the far right side of the early-day image. Today, I think that path would take you partway up the side of the bluff.

The green area down near the landing itself in the modern-day shot, just to the right of the road, appears to be a pretty close match for the short drive leading around to the right of the building in the original image. But there's been so much alteration around the landing area, it's hard to say for sure.

Also, if you look on the left of both images, you can not only see the cemetery wall in both images, you can also see the smaller wall just below it, right beside the road. In the early image in fact, it's right against the road, whereas in the modern-day shot it's separated by that small drainage ditch.

I don't know for sure if the stairs in the two images are the same or not, or if they were replaced at some point. If they are the same in both photos, then the picture probably dates to sometime after 1909, as my understanding is that those steps were once part of a gazebo of sorts located in the cemetery, and badly damaged in the 1909 tornado that struck the landing area. The structure was torn down, and I believe I've read that the steps leading up to it were re-used in that new location. But it's one of those things I'd need to double-check.

I'll have more of these then and now shots in the coming weeks.


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Those steps look awful similar. On a side not, I've been asked by one of the Staff to become a volunteer at the Park. Can't do it now with a baby on the way but it is a plan of mine in the near future.

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Mike, congrats on the new young'un and double congrats on being asked to volunteer @ Shiloh.

I wonder if the path in the 2nd pic doesn't lead to the lower landing I've seen in some maps.


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